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The Piano is to Music as the ____ is to Math

Asked by Besafe (441points) March 20th, 2008

What is the baisc relationship

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...not too sure

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The piano is a common and useful tool for music, and though it isn’t necessary in the slightest to think about or understand music, its existence changed the way people conceptualized music and made music more accessible to many people. At the same time, tying music to the piano meant that many people developed tunnel vision and a dependence on the piano.

In mathematics, the computer holds the same position.

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as Numbers are to math for without the piano notes there is no music like without numbers there no math

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No music without the piano? Do you really think there was no music before 1700?

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The piano is a tool for producing complex music. Music has existed forever in various forms, but the piano allowed for much more complex musical variety. (I mean really, there’s only a few songs you can play by banging rocks together…after that it gets old… “Mommy can you play THUMP THUMP THWACK again?” )

Therefore the answer to your question would be a tool for producing complex math. I’d argue for the computer. The calculator is a somewhat basic computer, but it is a computer. Actually, look at the root word “compute.” The computer was made for mathematics. There’s only so much you can do by hand before you need some form of a computer.

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@Perchik: consider the ars subtilior of the 14th century, which was easily as complex as anything that has been produced since. Or the “modal atonality” of Gesualdo and di Rore, which predated the invention of the piano by 100 years.

The piano (actually, the fixed-pitch keyboard instruments that preceded it) reduced musical complexity by eliminating intonation and tuning as expressive devices.

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The piano is a tool that is adapt at creating an experience of the beauty of the written expression of music. The computer is a tool that is adapt at creating an experience of the beauty of the written expression of mathamatics. Ref. Enistien literature.

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the piano is to music as the casio keytar cum calculator is to math

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