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Going to school on a budget; what are some ways to cut costs while you're away at school?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 20th, 2010

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1. Cook your food, pack your lunch.
2. Ride a bike everywhere.
3. Visit thrift stores.
4. Copy pages out of your friends’ textbooks – never buy ‘em.

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1. Don’t spend money on alcohol.
2. Get a job, if possible.
3. Buy used textbooks.

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Buy your textbooks online, not in your school bookstore. There have been used textbooks my school bookstore wanted $100+ for that I’ve gotten on amazon for under $20.

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1. Careful textbook purchasing (sometimes you don’t need the book, sometimes used books are cheap, sometimes you can scan a chapter or two in the library.)

2. Don’t spend any a lot too much someone else’s all of your money on alcohol.

3. Buy your groceries in bulk at a supermarket. Not little by little at 7–11 and Wawa.

4. If you have a laptop, treat it like an ancient diamond baby autographed by the Beatles.

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I’m thinking if you’re able to cook, make huge quantities of whatever (veg chili, homemade soup and spaghetti sauce), pour them into small freezer containers and freeze them beforehand.

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If living on campus, become an RA so you get free room and board.

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Being an RA isn’t something that can really happen if you’re just leaving for school now though. They pick the RAs the year before, and most schools really don’t want an RA that hasn’t been in school for at least a year.

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Don’t buy the meal plan, go to the grocery store and buy & cook your own food.

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Biking is a good idea if you’re going to study in a small town.
Buy used textbooks.
Check out city’s/college webpage/wiki. People will usually add information about cheap stuff to do and events and other misc stuff.
It doesn’t hurt to get a job either. I think its preferable to get a campus job.
USE COUPONS when shopping~ :D

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Roommates can ultimately really suck if you don’t pick wisely but a shared apartment, cook your own meals and don’t drink away your bank account is key. It’s called a budget and a large dose of discipline! Plus there are amazing ways to have big time fun for free and they start with frat parties!

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Actual time spent studying can save money you could be spending having parties, going to parties, talking and texting, driving around, eatting out, impressing others with name brand anything, and enabling friends to goof off with you.

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