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Can a genius person commits crime and get away so easily?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) July 20th, 2010

You know what I’m talking about if you have already watched the ‘Wild things’ series,or maybe the ‘Perfect Stranger’. It’s more about a smart person that can easily kill others and get away with out any trouble.

So lets take this matter to reality,We might have seen some homicide issue where the ‘victim’(if you believe this person is a victim) admit that he/s have no choice but must kill others for self-protection in dangerous situation,it was an accident,he/s was set up by others,and other convincing excuses in order to get away,and the judge decide that they are innocent most of the time(some people agree,some disagree). What if this genius person have already planned the whole scenario so it would be ‘real’ for law and others? I’m not saying that responsible law department and the authorities are less intelligent but I believe they and people can be easily manipulated by a “smart” person/people.

Anyway,what I really want to know is that could a genius person/people kill others and get away if they really can do it? In reality of course.

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Most crimes are committed by dolts, and go undiscovered and unpunished.

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It doesn’t take a genius to kill someone and get away with it. It happens. Sometimes its based on how lucky that person is or what position they hold in our society.

For example, take a look at the Oscar Grant shooting. A police officer shoots an unarmed civilian claiming he mistaken his gun for a taser. Although his actions were caught on a video, the outcome of the trial still said his actions were unintentional. Many people who have watched the video on the news or internet do not agree with the verdict.

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Leopold and Loeb thought so. Leopold wrote, ”“A superman… is, on account of certain superior qualities inherent in him, exempted from the ordinary laws which govern men”

The teenagers killed a fourteen-year-old neighbor, Bobby Franks, to prove it.

They dropped a unique pair of eyeglasses near Franks’ body, which the police traced to them, and they spent the rest of their lives in prison.

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Geniuses don’t want to get away with things. They want to get caught. They want to explain to James Bond how they’re about to kill him.

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@frdelrosario I doubt that. Geniuses certainly know the consequences if they get caught. They will feel proud if they can get away so easily.

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It’s an untestable theory – geniuses or dolts; if they got away with the crime, we won’t know.

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Untill now, yes.

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I used to like Columbo because there would be these people, smart people, rich people who committed murders and they thought they were above it all and he would figure it out.

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Genius or not, more than half the homicides in the U. S. go unsolved. source

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It is not so much that you need to be a genius.

You need to not be stupid and have a failing conscience, in order to put enough thought and effort into it and live with yourself thereafter, in a silent way.

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Some people do get away with murder without ever having to go to court. (See this link.)

Others that do end up in court are at the mercy of their own testament, should they wish to speak, the brilliance of their lawyer, the emotions of the jury, and the the judgement of, well, the judge.

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Of course they could but why would they do that at all?? They are smart enough to know there is no purpose to the exercise…no real pay off or reward. A motive just to do it to not get caught doing it would all be played out in their mind with little to no thrill or reward…it would be too perfect. They would have to factor in some sort of risk reward to do something awful as to kill another human. Ted Bundy was expert at getting away with it.

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You can get away with anything as long as you don’t tell anyone.

There are many ways of telling. Better have your bases covered.

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That would make you accomplices.

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All it takes is one hell of a sociopath with a little rationality, they tend to be good at getting away with such crimes, though they also do end getting caught from commiting murder way too many times.

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In reality all men get what they deserve,

And any man who thinks to do another an injustice are in actuality doing it to their owns selves.

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I believe true geniuses are smart enough to get away, plenty of simpletons do just because of mistakes or apathy by law enforcement. With as sloppy as Tommy Lee Sells was, I am astound he was not caught quicker. He made no real effort to cover his DNA or prints he might have left. He drifted from state to state racking, up a kill sheet more than 50 people, by his estimate. It was only because he failed to kill his last victim was he caught. Because he had no standard modus operandi law enforcement never connected the dots. Someone who is trying to befuddle by purposely salting the train with bogus clues seem to me, to have a good chance of skating away if he is good at it.

I believe the Zodiac was a genius, Ted Kaczynski too. The difference between the two is that the Zodiac didn’t need validation like Ted, it was his insistences to publish his manifesto that sunk him. He tossed the out bread crumbs where there were none. Had he kept quite he could have been happily bombing his way to the grave.

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