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Good iPhone headphones?

Asked by Brunty (93points) March 20th, 2008

I’ve got some Sennheiser CX300’s – but they require an adapter to fit the iPhone (like most headphones do) – I hate the standard iPhone headphones, but like the mic integration, anyone know of any relatively cheap good headphones? (Preferably in-ear buds, like the Sennheiser CX300’s)

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I got a pair of customized Etymotic E6i’s from Ultimate Buds and I never looked back. They’re amazing.

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ha. I was going to answer the same thing! I’ll second that. Before I had my iPhone, I also used Etymotics on my iPod and they are the bomb.

However, they’re also $150 so I’m not sure if they are cheap Etymotic E6i

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I’ll check them out, I can’t really stretch to that – though I appreciate the quality of a good set of headphones, I’m a bit of a Sennheiser man myself, got the CX300’s cheap, and for the money they’re great, I also have some PX100’s I got cheap (for everyday computer use) and I have some HD 280-Pro’s – for my more serious listening and gaming.
Thanks for the advice!!

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They also have the UB3 for $30. Cheap enough to experiment, and they’ve been getting pretty good reviews.

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The UB3 are an OEM of the CX300’s I have – Creative also have models like the CX300’s.

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Yeah, but the UB3’s have a microphone and a proper iPhone button.

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Oh right, that I didn’t notice!
I might have to check them out as the sound from my CX300’s is awesome for the price, if those use the same parts then they’d be ideal.

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ah… the senn HD 280s… I’ve wasted many an hour with Half Life on those!

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Aye, they’re not a bad pair of headphones ;)

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I’m thinking about this too, and I’ve read some decent reviews for the Maximo HS2s.

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V-Moda Vibe Duo’s – just seen them, bit pricey but they look nice and from the reviews I’ve read seem like hey could be quite good, I might have to get some at payday later in the month!
Thanks again for all the help all :)

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I’ve had both the Etymotic E6i’s and the V-Moda Vibe Duo’s. I think I liked the Vibe Duos a little more. They would be perfect if you create a custom EQ setting on your iPhone. Why you can’t, I have no idea.

The V-Moda’s are also $50 cheaper than the Etymotic’s. And with the V-Moda’s you don’t have to deal with routinely replacing the speaker core like on the Etymotic’s

My Vibe Duo’s had a malfunction after about 5 months, where one of the ears wasn’t working properly. I contacted them about and they offered a replacement, no questions asked, and assured me that they’re making a new batch that had any potential issues worked out. On top of that, those won’t be in stock for a few more weeks, so until they come in, they sent me a pair of the V-Moda Vibe headphones absolutely free ($100 value) until the Duo’s came in, which they will be replacing as well. Excellent customer service worth mentioning.

P.S. my Etymotic E6i’s died eventually as well, right after the 1 year warranty expired

P.P.S. The other nice thing about the V-Moda Vibe Duo’s is the fact that the 1/8” headphone jacks fit perfectly within the iPhone recessed output jack. No need to a 3rd party adapter.

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