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How can i convince my girl friend's parents to let us go on a date?

Asked by 613crazydude (13points) July 21st, 2010

we are going to go to the movies so…............... how???

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First, how old are you? How old is the girl?

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Show her parents that you are a responsible person and respect their daughter during your date. Introduce yourself to them. Be polite and if you want to ask for their permission to let her go on a date, remember to include where and when you are going to go as well as providing them a phone number that they can reach you two at in case of an emergency.

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Include her parents on your first date.

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Depending on your ages, maybe you could have your parents drive you both to the movies and then pick you up. Also, have her parents met you?

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First tell them your real name isn’t Crazy dude ;)

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Tell us why mom is saying no.

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My very first date, I was 14, I met her parents, had supper at their house. I got real close to them, treated them like they were famly. Then I invited my girlfriends parents and her out to eat. After that we mostly hung out wiith our friends when we went out. We did go out to eat lots of times. We ended up being together or 6 years in all, but just a month before my 18th birthday my dad got transferred to another state for his job. I was with her for a year after that, until I broke it off.

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Yes, sir, No, maam, have manners, be polite, hang at their house and earn their trust.

Then maybe they will find you worthy of taking their daughter to a dark theater without them.

try putt putt first.

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Invite the whole family.

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well you could just talk with them alone, without your girlfriend so they take you seriously and get to know them .

doesnt hurt to sleep with her mom, then your a shoe in for the daughter

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Bring them along. They’ll get a kick out of that.
More generally, behave like the mature young person that you want to be. Be polite. Be respectful. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet Don’t contest any rules that they might lay down. And I’ve found that in general, you get more points if you keep your eyebrows slightly raised.
Thanks for reminding me of this song!

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Simple answer to your question: double date. go to a drive-in movie. her parents in the front seat, you and your date in the back seat. her parents can then see first-hand how you will react on a date with their daughter.

Keep your hands to yourself.

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Coordinate a two-family dinner party.
Its gonna happen sometime.

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