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How can I cool down quickly after a workout?

Asked by dans85 (109points) February 28th, 2007
I've begun working out in the mornings, but after my workout I have only an hour to get ready before I need to be out of the house. I can't cool myself down in enough time to stop sweating before I have to blowdry my hair!
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And a quick cold shower didn't work?
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Put ice packs behind your neck, armpits, and groin; major heat exchange will occur. That's what they used to do to quickly cool someone down in the desert phase of ranger school.
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I always blowdry in the nude. If you put on clothes and then blowdry, you're asking for trouble...namely sweaty clothes. This always works for me:
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1. before getting out of the shower, turn the water on as cold as you can stand and douse youself in it.
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2. Open a window and blowdry in your undies
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3. put your clothes in a plastic shopping bag and put them in the the freezer while you're getting ready, then very last thing before you leave the house, put them on and get outside ASAP before you can sweat! (maybe don't put your coat on)
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Stretching and DEEP breathing!

Learn some Yoga techniques to go along with the work outs!

But youre probably just over working yourself. Maybe do a little less next time if the Yoga doesnt work.

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