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Why does my crotch sweat smell different than sweat in other parts of my body?

Asked by noraasnave (3094points) January 25th, 2011

I know that bacteria makes my armpits stink, but it is very interesting to me that my crotch has a weird mushroom like smell after a serious workout. I don’t find it unpleasant like underarm odor, just kind of weird.

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Sweat has no smell. It is the bacteria that makes the smell. You have different bacteria’s in that location.
BTW, ewwww! Thanks for the “mushroom smell” description.

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yeah, sweat is pretty much just water mixed with a little bit of salty elements. It’s the same everywhere on your body. So it’s the body part that smells.

And yeah that’s gross dude

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TMI Too Much Information ! !

But yes there is different bacteria at different areas of your body.

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I think it’s funny that people clicked a link to read a question about crotch sweat and then are saying “Eww! TMI!” It’s not like you didn’t know what you were getting into…

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Balls and ass down there dude. Try washing, I find that helps.

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My friend puts baby powder on his nuts. Minimizes sweat, reduces stickiness, and keeps them smelling better than mushrooms..or any smell at all..Yes, I would know this. Put some on after you take a’ll keep you feeling nice and clean.

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Duck butter

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Chances are it’s the smell of dead seamen… Completely normal, especially if you masturbate or have sex often. The smell will go away if don’t have sexual activity for a few weeks.

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omg I don’t know whether to laugh hardest at “you knew what you were getting into” , “dead seamen” or “Duck butter” (that’s gotta win)
But I think @AmWiser has it right. Musky scent to attract a mate. It’s less attractive if you think too hard about it – or describe it as mushroom.

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Our friend meant that it’s the smell of dead “semen” (the translucent, sperm-containing, clear/white/yellow/gray stuff that men ejaculate), not dead “seaman” (sailors).

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