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Would a jelly like to come over to my house and help me finish my yard?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) July 22nd, 2010

I’ve been working on it all week. It is so hot that you have to work a while and rest. The problem is my hedges. All the rain here before it turned “hot as hades,” has caused my hedges to get out of hand, so to speak. Don’t mind cutting them, it is the gathering and bagging that is a pain.

So, be sociable, and give me some help. will give you lurves!

Anyone need directions?

Oh, free beer!

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Rip out all hedges that need to be clipped (like privets or boxwood) and plant rugosa roses or forsythia.

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Buddy, I am on my way. Will I get a cold drink?

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My electric clippers are in great shape and i am willing to help. you might have to buy me a plane ticket. lets all go and help mr. bobo.

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I love to garden, so I’ll come over to help you with your hedges if you come to my house and help me to fix my lawnmower that I broke last nite. You might also have to help me find the wheel from the mower deck that I ran over too. The wheel ended up down over a hill that’s covered in Poison Ivy, so bring your boots too!

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Nothing like good friends when you are trouble!

got to run, wiring plane tickets asap!

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Are 3 hearty meals plus snacks throughout the day and unlimited drinks (NOT beer) on offer too?

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@NaturallyMe do you like fresh tomato sandwiches…eating one now…ummmmm

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jasmine….....they are like the blob! they consume everything!

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@BoBo1946 – And a nice Chianti and some Fava Beans?

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@BoBo1946 – indeed i do! That will make a fine lunch…as long as there’s cheese and mustard and my special spice on there too. :)

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I love jasmine….let’s varigate.

my side yard is a mess…uncontrollable. ivy…...goldenrod.

i’m game.

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I’ll bring all natural insecticide spray made with herbs and a lawn chair so I can supervise everyone. I can throw in a qt of guacomole, 3 bags of chips and pico de gallo.
Beer would just make me sleepy. See ya!

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I would, but I’m busy Fluthering. Sorry.

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My toddler grandson loves to help with the pruning. He picks up the branches one leaf at a time and puts them in the collection barrel. He works steadily for a whole 15 or 20 minutes.

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oh my goodness…so much help coming! Freedom is in sight…loll..

loll.. @YARNLADY sounds like my grandson.

Oh, Chaz….done deal.

oh no, a supervisor…i’m sure you and @gailcalled can fight over that! i would love to watch!

Yeah, @worriedguy…that is cool… keeping score here! loll

@NaturallyMe nothing like fresh homegrown tomatoes…good stuff!

@Flowergurl yeah, bring the boots…and you can have all the hedges your heart desires.

Well, my day is much better!

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Thanks everyone!

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I would love to come over and collect and bag your branches and leaves.
I could use the exercise as I have just returned from holiday and put on a few pounds!! LOLL
Send me directions and I will be on the first plane out :-)
BTW Can I walk your beautiful dog also??

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now you tell me MsP…loll…but, it is the thought that counts!

Yeah, Sadie would love that!

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