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Website for UN voting records?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) March 20th, 2008

I’m having to do a [seemingly stupid] project in which we have to find out a country’s voting record in the UN on specific issues. (ie. What is Ireland’s voting record on key Middle East issues? ) Anyone know of a site I can find such information? Thanks

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Not cool. Try going to and finding that info yourself. I’ve been pouring over the UN website for hours. Going resolution by resolution. It’s not fun. That’s why I’m asking.


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I just did and found it in 2 mins maybe your the idiot

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sorry I should not have called you a idiot

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on the home page find the search tool put in voting will give you lots of links

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This might help..

It is still a lot of data to parse. Good luck.

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I’m trying to do the same thing, so I’m an idiot, too. All UN pages that I’ve looked at appear to have been designed by someone who is deliberately trying to ensure that nobody reads them. I want a simple list of the UK’s voting record on different issues over the years, is that too much to ask?

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