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Would it be a trademark vioation if I registered

Asked by zombo (132points) March 21st, 2008

Flutherspace would be the home to Fluther users who wanted to share photos, videos, and post questions in forums (there would be no points, and I would use squids instead of jellyfish because they are cuter)

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ahahha, talk to a admin about it, or send them an email asking permission or something to that effect.

Personally, i think its a good idea, but i think they are alrdy doing something like that. So you might be to late.

zombo's avatar is available, so I don’t think they’re doing that! Maybe I’ll just use spider monkeys?

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I want tell if you give me points

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I don’t think it would be a violation, but I think your site idea kind of goes against what Fluther is all about: Asking and Answering Questions.

I try to distance myself from a registered trademark or affiliation that isn’t directly related to what I’m trying to achieve, so a Fluther Search widget makes sense, but MySpace for Fluther users doesn’t…

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I don’t think Fluther is registered as a trademark anywhere, so it wouldn’t be a trademark violation, but whether Fluther would appreciate it is a different question. I wouldn’t if I were them (as they lose control).

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There are a number of Twitter API clients that contain “Twitter”. Off the top of my head, there’s: Twitterrific, Twittervision, Twittermap, Twittersearch, Twitterverse, Twitter Blocks, TwitterPoster, and many more.

These guys don’t seem to mind much.

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@sferik – but that’s using an Open API connecting to Twitter. This would be a totally independent site leveraging the Fluther community.

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@Vincentt right, but US trademark law applies just the same, regardless of whether there is an official affiliation or not.

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@sferik – really? Oh, that’s new, I always thought it was only copyright that applied automatically and that trademarks had to be registered…

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@Vincentt what I meant was that trademarks cannot be enforced selectively. Another site, whether affiliated or unaffiliated, is either infringing on a trademark or they are not. Just because they are using an official API, doesn’t give them a free pass with respect to trademark law.

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@sferik – ah, right. Yeah, you’re definitely right there, but I can imagine that the Twitter guys wouldn’t really mind that much when projects use their API in combination with their name.

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