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What kind of laundry soap do you use?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 23rd, 2010

I love the smell of Tide.. I use Tide.

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Whatever national brand is cheapest.

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My hubby can always tell when I don’t use Gain- his favorite. He would wear Gain if they made it as cologne, I know he would!

I prefer a more lilac smell.

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purex 3 in 1…...i have liquid purex…..but now it smells strong.

like arm and hammer as well.

I dont see paying 6 to 8 bucks for laundry detergent.

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I use Tide. I’m not sure why but it has to be this brand.

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Tide <3.

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Tide and I put Palmolive original dish detergent on spots or possible stains

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Tide detergent and Downy for a fabric softener.

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arm and hammer “sensitive.”

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For years I used what my family always did—regular ol’ Tide or Cheer—but I grew to hate the smell of detergent and now I buy detergents that are free of dye, perfume, etc. No particular brand.

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I like Surf, Gain, or Arm & Hammer

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Tide with bleach

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Even though the liquid stuff is sooooo much better and less of a pain in the ass, I think one of the best smells in the world is Tide Original powder. It’s getting harder to track down the boxes but that smell on sheets is amazing . . .

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I generally use All Free Clear or Tide Free. Both free of perfumes and dyes. I have pretty sensitive skin and some detergents make me itch and get my skin inflamed and I also can be sensitive to some synthetic scents.


Woolite for Darks.

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I use Amway’s laundry powder, because it’s the cheapest (except for one other brand) (and it works just fine too).

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I was a Tide free and clear user,but now I’ve grown to like Gain with bleach.

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Tide free and clear. Mr. Tedibear has some allergy issues, so I look for ways to reduce allergens, which can be scent based for him. Funny thing, I had gotten a pair of jeans from a friend and she washed them first. I opened the package and the smell of detergent about bowled me over! Not bad, just a surprise.

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Tide or Snuggle.

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I use Gain I love the smell of it, I used to use Tide but then they changed the formula or something and it started to make me itch so I changed to Gain.

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All Free & Clear, and Dreft for the baby clothes.

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All Free & Clear. As long as a liquid has no dye, perfume, fabric softener, brightener or bleach in it then I’ll give it a try.

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