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What are some annoying habits you do that you notice but don't realize, yet others do?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 24th, 2010

Hm most people have habits, big and little. Me for example when ever I get food I start humming a song that’s in my head (songs are always some where in me haha), or I grind my teeth when I sleep (so says my sister) or I listen to much. But yes those are some of my annoying things that I notice but don’t realize till someone tells me. I know my sisters notices it, but what are some things you do? Is it bad that I do these things anyways?

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I seem to have some habit of pulling funny faces when i don’t realize i’m doing it. I suppose everyone else notices it, because i notice it some photos of myself. Hehe. I wish i would quit doing it.

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I tend to poke my bellybutton (finger under shirt not on top of shirt) whenever I do something I am not supposed to, remember something I did that I wasn’t supposed to do, or think about something I wasn’t supposed to. I am already used to doing it even if there is no one around when I do/think/remember about those things. So I can be seen with my finger in my bellybutton frequently. I’ve been told by some people that it is nasty, I reply to them with “Hey, it is clean do you wanna look in it and see for yourself?” It is clean I promise. I bet they’re just jealous because I don’t tell them what I did/remembered/or was thinking about. I don’t find my bad habit annoying though. :P

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If i notice it, then i would realize it. Right!

Been told that i am contantly moving and is a sign of Parkinson. That was a longtime ago and still do it. But, i realized that…and cannot stop it.

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When I’m barefoot and sitting still, I wiggle my toes without realizing it. My mother finds it very distracting; she ends up looking at my feet instead of whatever she’s doing.

Also, if I’m sitting without my back against something, I rock forward and backward slightly. I’ve tried to stop but… no luck. As soon as I’m not paying close attention to myself, it starts up again.

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I sing show tunes at the top of my lungs!I hope I never notice that ;)

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Sometimes I touch and rub my arms obsessively and pull out my hair in the back of my head without realizing it or before it’s too late to stop and keep others from noticing.

And if you ever catch me doing dishes which is rare, I’ll stand like a flamingo at the sink with one leg bent and propped up on my other leg. My mom said she use to stand the same exact way. =)

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If I’m doing something tedious like cleaning the house, I’m told that I sing one line from a song over, and over, and over…..

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I tend to River Dance when I get stuck in long lines.

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loll no moon walk Cruiser!

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I tend to twirl my nose ring. Everyone hates when I do it, lol.

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Snort when I laugh really hard. Be it hereditary or conditioning, I blame it on Dad.

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I pick at the skin on my lips, tear at my cuticles….been trying to quit for years!

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Tap my feet and drum my fingers.

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asking too many questions, rambling on about shit, texting/typing too much.. altho i realize this a lot, coming off angry and/or sad even if i’m not at that particular person or circumstance, being too judgemental, thinking i’m always right, biting my nails, smoking too many cigarettes

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@josie : haha hey I’m assuming you’re either are or not a drummer. (maybe not?)

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I talk during home videos or TV. It’s an old habit taken up with my grandparents who believed what we all had to say was more important than TV and it was okay for us to all discuss what was on TV while it played. I have a hard time nipping this back and not being offended when someone acts like the TV is more important than what I have to contribute.

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@Vincent_Lloyd ” I’m assuming you’re either are or not a drummer.” is there a third choice im somehow unaware of?

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Click my fingers
Wipe out my ears with my fingers

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Make light of serious situations. It’s a survival mechanism; I’m really upset when I do it but try and protect myself from crumbling by saying the wrong things.

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Apparently sometimes I talk way too loud. A number of people have told me that “I might want to keep it down” because, though I may not be aware of it, my voice “really carries.” I don’t think there really is such a thing as a person having voice that “carries” more than any other person’s voice “carries.” I think it’s just a polite way to tell people that they talk too loud.

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People will claim I’m too quiet but then when I do say something they criticise me for “analyzing” everything.

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@Jabe73 : Yeah that is the same for me also…

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