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I have clogged right ear, sounds and claustrophobia are driving me to feel mental! What really works for most people?

Asked by Atti (346points) July 25th, 2010

Having gone to my doctor for antibiotic and ear drops, then to ENT doctor for wax removal and more ear drops, they say it will get better. It has been almost 2 months!! Crackling noises, stuffed up feeling, feels like pressure behind the ear drum. It started to deminish a little, then it all comes back again. I have severe claustrophoba fear, I can’t get away from this! I have tried SudaFed, Nedi-pot, antihistamine, chewing gum, yawning, hot steam, hot tea. I have anxiety that this will never get better!

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Welcome to the worst year in history for allergies. I’ve had a chest cough and stuffy nose since February. I’m just going to blindly blame BP.

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Hi Atti, Welcome to Fluther! Sorry to hear about your ear problems. Several of us have suffered similar symptoms. There are several other threads on Fluther that might provide some home remedies that you haven’t tried yet, but most point back to doing what you have already done. You can use the “Search” function in the top right corner to locate past postings.

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I’m with @judochop

The worst allergies for me in 10 years this year!

I think your sinuses are probably infected, or, at least very backed up and hence the ear pressure.

Moist heat is helpful along with the Neti-pot, I lay in a steaming hot bath and put a hot washcloth over my face, reheating with hot water every couple of minutes for about 20 min. total. Helps a lot.

And drink buckets of water…water, water, water and MORE water!

You may have an infection though that needs an antibiotic.

Oooh..I feel your pain, just coming out of a solid 3 weeks of misery.

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Sinus allergies are a huge pain for me every spring but I use a Bausch and Lomb earwax removal kit from the local drug store it helps get some of that suffocating feeling gone. Also lots of hot steamy showers, but don’t get alot of water in your ears that can increase the discomfort.

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Have you tried one of the mini enema bulbs and inject warm water into your ear? My left ear periodically clogs up and I use the drops for a couple of days and then flush with warm water. Not to be too gross but it is astounding the amount of stuff that comes out!

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This works for me when my ear is stopped because of water from swimming and a shower and from allergies. first, take a 25 mg antihistimine. the kind that makes you drozy. then, place your little finger into your troubled ear. turn to your head down to the troubled side. with your little finger inside your bad ear, shake your little finger for about 30 seconds. this should give you instant relief.

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@Atti: Getting a second-opinion is my recommendation based on the information here and in the note you sent me. If you have a health insurance provider, call their customer service and see if they can help you find another ear specialist in your area.

It can take 6–8 weeks for the fluid and pressure to fully resolve after a bad infection, so I hope you will be feeling better soon!

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Thank you to all who responded. Went to my doctor today, had my ear irrigated, and it unclogged!! More wax built up after last removal, and doc says no infection, just my ET closed. Muffled hearing is nearly normal and pressure is gone. What a relief!! I appreciate all the advise, and I felt everyone wanted to help me out. I can deal with how it feels, am supposed to go back in 3 weeks for recheck. I am sorry my question reopened another conversation, sort of a rehash. I did not realize so many people have had this problem. Thanks again for all your advise, and comments.

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Thank you for the update.

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