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What is a good G-PG13 movie that is coming out in late August/ early September?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) July 25th, 2010

My friend is having a birthday party the weekend AFTER labor day way weekend and we are plannning to go to the movies but we cant seem to find any good movies in our range that are coming out at that time. And we dont know what will be out. Dont say rent a movie and get movie theater style popcorn and it will be just like the movies. NO we will not. Plus thats not even the question so just please. Thanks

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Nanny McPhee Returns opens August 20th.

It’s very good.

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Check out this site—

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It is looking like slim pickings. The Nanny McPhee movie that @Lightlyseared mentioned. Then there is Machete, which is out September 3, but is Not rated.

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You could find a theatre that shows old movies and see if they’re playing something else then that you want to see. Try

Or check out this site for a list of upcoming movies:

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hopefuly harry potter

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Harry Potter comes out in November.

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