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What do you want the easter bunny to bring?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 21st, 2008

a friend’s 6-year-old is expecting a nintendo ds! i was always happy with some pez, a cadbury egg, and a stuffed bunny.

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I don’t really have a mom anymore. My sister usually brings me the “basket of sin”. A Easter basket full of cigarettes, booze, porn, condoms, and Astroglide.

She has bought me some weird porn.

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I just got my Easter surprise. I’m going to MIAMI!!!!!!tomorrow!!!!!wahooo!!!

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World Peace!!!

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@annaott22: you must have some really good dirt on the easter bunny! :D

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My own cadburry bunny!

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oh yes! I told him I was in need of a rabbits foot key chain and he gave me a trip to Miami instead! So I said ok!

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Now we know the secret!!!

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