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Easter gift ideas?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 21st, 2008

i recently acquired children in my family and would like to get them something for easter. i know they will have an over abundance of candy. the boys are 13 and 6; girls, 13 and 3

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How do you and they celebrate Easter? Is it mainly secular or mainly religious?

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A basket with a movie, books, a small amount of candy, and some bath stuff for the girl.

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the 13 year olds do the whole church and brunch thing. the little ones don’t do anything (other than eat lots of candy!)

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In our family, we hide little plastic eggs filled with small items, rather than candy. For example, for the older children, items like jewelry, bath beads, even small art supplies or DS/handheld video games work. For the little ones, Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, Polly Pocket dolls or foam/magnetic letters to put on the refrigerator are appropriate. I color-code the eggs so everyone gets the right presents. Hope this helps!

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