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How have you ever added insult to injury?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21515points) July 25th, 2010

Have you ever done that consciously or not?

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I have sometimes done so by asking too many questions while trying to help when quiet empathy and comforting would have been much better.

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@Dr_Lawrence I really don’t think that the way you ask questions and approach people would ever make anyone feel hurt in any way, quite the opposite actually.

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I think we all do at one point or another.

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When I was younger my apologies tended to make things worse. I had to learn to just apologize for what I needed to and then stop talking.

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Probably—who hasn’t? But not on purpose, I’m pretty sure.

However, I think there might have been a time or two when I added injury to insult because insult just wasn’t satisfying enough. I think I was really mad at the time.

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The only time I ever really consciously intended to insult an already injured person was with my ex husband about 7 years ago.

He was at our old home gathering some items after we separated.

I was on the balcony of our master bedroom tossing little pebbles at his head from a flower pot.

The view of his balding head from the second floor lent a perspective I had never had occasion to view. It was rather shocking!

Looking down I told him the the ‘crop circle’ was widening…just came out of nowhere….admittedly I cracked myself up at his expense.

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People seem to just want to shut out the world when things get fucked up, where as I just want to talk about how fucked up things are. That can piss people off. Either they’re in the right and I’m just so disconnected that all problems seem ultimately trivial to me. Or they’re the disconnected ones who would rather forget misfortunes than learn from them. Don’t know, it’s probably (definitely) somewhere in between. This is probably why I’m attracted to negative people. “Just acknowledge that this world is fucked and we can move on!”

My life is an insult to people’s injuries. and maybe an injury to their insults

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Thanks @ZEPHYRA but I can get off the track and fail to attend to someone’s greatest immediate need. I am only human.

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Yep! I couldn’t have put it better, my thoughts too!! well put…..... :-/

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I got into a fight when I was a teenager. Some chick tried to steal my man so I kicked her butt. When I was done I called her a slut.

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@Dr_Lawrence I second @ZEPHYRA s sentiment.

Yes I have, very recently and intentionally. After disarming and flooring an attacker, I put a size 15 boot to his testicles. I have since learned that it was a singularly appropriate action.

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Yes I have. Intentionally in the past & unintentionally too no doubt.

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At school once I twatted a boy who was picking on my litle brother. I followed up the punch to his eye with the remark that he had a look not disimilar to Quasimodo.His face was all swollen & contorted by now. Ahh, how we laughed.Nothing like a good come uppance.

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In my past, I believe I have from time to time.

Once you figure out the dance. I have to say, I NEVER now do.

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I once wrote “You’re a jerk” on someones cast. Does that count as adding insult to injury?

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I’ve done it to be humorous.

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I have twice done so on purpose. I remember both occurrences with a cringe. What a bitch I was! Ah, well. I was a teenager. I still feel guilty about it.

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I’ve done it on purpose as an adult more times than I’m proud of.

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