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What's the most recent thing you REALLY wish you'd had a camcorder for?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 26th, 2010

I made Mookie dance the Thriller dance while watching “This Is It” and it was pretty darned hysterical.

She was purring like mad the whole time, even though she really acted like she hated what I was doing. So I don’t consider it cruel and unusual punishment lol

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Just to record me drumming or doing something stupid. I don’t really mind a camcorder or not, But did you post that thing on youtube?

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We take videos with our Kodak Easy Share, and it seems to be good enough.

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@YARNLADY: I meant anything that records video really, but wasn’t available or handy.

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For my cat, also. He has this hilarious meow.. and he was following me around my bedroom for at least a half an hour “talking” to me non stop. It doesn’t sound funny – but it really was hilarious. The whole time I was wishing I had a way to record him.

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My ducklings do this really cute move where they wave their little puny wings around. I wish I could find my camera battery so I could record a movie of it!

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I wished mine was working the other day, when my in laws were visiting and after a few minutes of watching my daughters play on the slip n slide, my mother in law actually ran and dove onto the thing, in her jeans and tshirt. And she had no clothes to change into. She just did it “because she was hot and it looked like fun”. There was also the fact that both I and my father in law dared her to do it, LOL.

It was so hilarious to see her throw herself down the slip n slide fully clothed! I managed to get a few pictures, but no video. :*(

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@poofandmook Oh, I see – like when my grandsons/dog do something really cute in the playroom and the camera is in the computer room.

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This morning when my neigh-bors, were galloping around the hill off of my deck playing horse tag. Scattering leaves and skidding, bucking and snorting in the cool morning.

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