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Benefits of Chewing Gum?

Asked by ArpitaBarua (362points) July 26th, 2010

Would anyone please give me a list of chewing gum benefits?

Actually i am interested to know about it.


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It can help keep your eustacian tubes open, ears unblocked.

They say gum can help clean the teeth if no toothbrush is around.

I love gum. I can’t chew it around my husband because it drives him crazy. I also can’t chew it a long time anymore, hurts my jaw.

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It can keep your breath fresh.

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There are benefits to chewing gum that uses xylitol as its sweetner. Xylitol (unlike sugar) is said to help clean out bacteria from your teeth/mouth.

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Chewing gum helps for teeth exercise.It can be used as mouth freshener.Chewing sugared gum can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.
The gum literally coats the teeth with sugar and can be especially destructive if you don’t brush your teeth immediately after chewing.

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It’s good for keeping yourself awake, and it’s a good substitute for food if you’re the sort who eats when bored or nervous.

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You can read this article.

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It makes jaws stronger. You get square jaws, not sure about it though.

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makes your breath fresher

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All the above makes sense. Still, I hate seeing people do it at inappropriate times. Like in office meetings. I counsel my employees not to do it.

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