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How do I get rid of those nasty Tonsil Stones ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 27th, 2010


How do you get rid of those nasty white things at the back of your throat?

Is there a natural home remedy to getting them out ?

Is there a way to get rid of them permanently?

They are so annoying!!!

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ahh, you get those too? I went to an ENT doc when I was younger because I didn’t know what they were… if you have the same thing (kinda looks like puss when you have strep), it’s food deposits stuck in those crater like crevices in your tonsils. Water picks are a great way to get rid of them, or I used to use Qtips too. They have gone away over the years and I only get them occasionally.

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The only other way to get rid of them for good is getting your tonsils removed.

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I also use qtips. I just take a majority of the cotton off the top, and moisten the edge. Ugh, that stuff is so GROSS.

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Why are they nasty?

Your tonsils do a (good) job. Why mess with them?

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No, not the tonsils. Those are fine. The little things she’s talking about that get on your tonsils. Those are gross.

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I use qtips, salt water, and a flashlight. I dip the q tip in the salt water and use the flashlight to see exactly where to place the qtip, then I gently push the tonsil crater upwards and extract the stone. I get them less frequently since I have regular dental cleanings. I also use this mouthwash called CloSys that helps prevent them.

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I used to get them when I was a kid, but now I never do. Maybe yours will stop, too.

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I scrub the crap out of my tongue and that really seems to help. I mean, I stick my toothbrush waaaaaay back there and even scrub my tonsils. I have one of those toothbrushes with the tongue scrubber. I haven’t gotten one in probably two months since I started doing that. (Which says a lot because I had them on a daily basis before.) I also try to make sure I drink a lot when I am eating. Tonsil lithe free is the way to be!! I hate those things.

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I get ‘em out with my tongue. Yep, I’m talented. ^_^

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@mrrich724 – I know, I’m just wondering why anyone would interfere with their body doing its job.

I don’t get them myself, but I brush thoroughly twice a day (including the tongue) and use mouthwash.

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Uhmmmm Tonsils make bad breath and are annoying, they are bacteria caught in the tonsils, so they aren’t a good thing, even though yes they are a part of your body, they’re not a good thing, and have no known health benefits, just an annoyance.

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So they’re just there to annoy us.

Do me a favour.

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I think tonsil stone develop because of the lack of saliva in your mouth, alot of people I know get cotton mouth and they sometimes get tonsil stones too. Its gross, and your mouth just stinks. I got them like twice, but its because I run alot so my mouth gets really dry sometimes. What I did was that I got a couple q-tips, got the tips wet with water and try to remove them with that, it sucked, made me gag and everything. But it worked. Now I make sure I drink lots of water, always have gum in hand whenever I feel like my mouth is dry and keep my mouth clean by brushing them about 3 times a day:)

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The intereference is because it stinks!.... like horse ish and it make your body odor terrible smells like a bum and it seeps through your teeth and make your breath stink its terrible. thanks everyone for the tip I usually use dental picks and biotene mouth wash it gets a lot better but I eat too much and im greedy so…. its a daily basis for me. thanks for the mouth wash tip.

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