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Do cats die if you don't pet them?

Asked by quasi (782points) July 27th, 2010

Just wanted to clear this up, thanks.

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What?! I think that sounds crazy! I know some old cats who don’t like to be pet. But I was once told by a friend that my girl cat was going to live forever because everyone pets her…

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I think if they had no tactile contact, they would suffer greatly. I don’t know if they would die.

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Would you die if no one high fives you? lol No, I’m sure the cat would be fine, just maybe not as affectionate.

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Feral cats live their entire lives without being petted.

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I don’t know of any study specifically done on cats. There are some famous studies done with rhesus monkeys.

Many large cats are solitary creatures. Feral cats often live in family groups and have each other to interact with. I do know if they are locked in an apartment by themselves they get bored,

I think the most likely effect of not petting a housecat for a very long time is it may become completely feral.

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I once killed a cat with petting. It took 17 years of sporadic petting, sporadic cuddling, regular feeding, but by god, I did it.

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That is so funny! :-)

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i think they do die if you dont pet them. cats are so solitary, but they still like to be noticed. i am not a cat lover, but we’ve had two in the past. the last one didnt get much attention, but she was old anyway. eventually she just curled up and died.

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One should always pay attention to their pets….jeez….ya think? haha

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cats are stuck up, thats why i like bunnies… i hope they would die but i heard they need to be killed 9 times and thats waay too much petting for me to do…

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No, but if you tape two cats back to back and drop them they will never land.

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That deserves to be in the Fluther Hall of Fame.

(it took me 19 years to accomplish the same with mine)


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lol no they would not die they wont feel as much love. but they would not die if you dont pet them. but i would try to pet them just to show that your care and to give as much attention as possible when you can. :)

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Of course cats will die if you don’t pet them. They will die if you do pet them. All cats will die when their time to kick the bucket comes.

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don’t think so, but I’m not taking any chances

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No, but I think if I denied my little guy affection when and for however long he wanted it, I would die.

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Beg to differ, @wgallios. I believe we do die in tiny ways if we’re not regularly given acknowledgement and praise, which is what something as simple as a “high five” provides. I don’t know if cats are the same way, but I’m not taking any chances.

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