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Where can I get a mid-90's Jerry Seinfeld wig?

Asked by jaketheripper (2779points) July 27th, 2010

I googled jerry seinfeld wigs and got nothing. Is there a name for his curly mullet? Would a custom wig be affordable?

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i believe they call it a mild jew fro. try that. or you may have to make one from the hair on your back. are you being him for halloween? you should.

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This is a close match.

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@Kevbo…I think that is Gene Shalit’s hair. :) Or wait…I think I dated that guy! lol

Here is something that I think is close…take it to a hairdresser with a photo of Jerry and she can style it. I think you can work with this one (this is also the site that has the “official” whatever that means) Kramer wig.

Remember that wigs out of the package don’t look exactly how you might want them…so you find something that is close…and then take it to a stylist to do it up the way you want. This has the shorter hair with the longer hair in back.

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