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Do you think the "general public" has ever seen Lady Gaga's real hair?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) May 30th, 2009

exhibit 1

exhibit 2

exhibit 3

Plus I’ve seen videos of live performances where her hair went from really long to really short or back.

I just can’t help but think “that has to be a wig” whenever I see her hair. It’s always so, just SO wiggy! And if you look at photos of her, her hair is never styled in a way where you can see her hairline.

What do you think?

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One vote for wig here. Maybe she just can’t grow hair?

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i’m waiting for her to reveal her penis….

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First time I hear of her.

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Ignore this, but really who? Is she big in America?

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Her Wikipedia page claims it’s a bleach job, but I think it’s a wig.

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This is probably what her real hair color looks like. She looks prettier with brown hair.

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Lady GaGa is a rising singing star. She has written lots of songs for others, and only recently has started singing too. Read her Wikipedia article for more information.

She’s been on the radio quite a bit here in Canada. I like her songs, they’re catchy.
@casheroo Yup that’s likely a shot of her real hair. That doesn’t look like a wig at all.

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Wigs, yes. I think even the brunette pic could be a wig… just a better one.

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Hmm, I think it might be extensions but I know she’s a brunette.
Example 2
Example 3

This was all pre-fame, so she even wore regular bra and panties, not anything “fancy” lol

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Ugh I can’t stand her whole stupid look. That bow hair, the spandex, the spaceman look. It’s perfect for her type of club music though. She’s not a bad singer. I think even @casheroo ‘s links look like wigs.

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Butter everything

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@casheroo & elijah: Yeah, I really think that first picture you showed could be her real hair. “Example 2” is totally a wig though

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