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Has anyone accused you of being addicted to Fluther?

Asked by iSteve (1154points) March 21st, 2008

My wife is threatening to start Fluther Annonymous so she can send me there!

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I’ll be bouncing off the walls with you Steve!! My SO calls home from work, and asks if I am still fluthering!!

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Here’s how addicted I am. I just looked at the archives, and I got to page 55 before I saw a full page with unfamiliar questions.

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not yet, but I’m sure it’s coming…...

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My wife hates fluther, because of my uncontrollable addiction. When she calls and asks me if I’m on fluther, I usually tell her “No I’m watching porn.” She never believes me. When I see her pull into our driveway, I close out safari and shut the laptop. She has always used internet explorer, and doesn’t know I have safari hidden in the tool bar. So she doesn’t see any of my fluther history. There’s nothing wrong with that is there?

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I only Flurher on the bus. Is that wrong?

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No, ‘cause nobody knows. ;-)

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not yet. but I like what I see!

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I have a problem of not paying attention to my girlfriend on the phone because I’m on fluther which she usually calls me out on. I am also usually late leaving my house when going out or getting to bed again due to fluther. So yea im addicted and its well known by everyone.

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Hey, as far as my people are concerned, it’s not Warcraft. LOL.

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so far I’m still engaged but Michael is getting jelly-ous *cymbal clang

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Excellent play on words Riser!

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it’s my job

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Your yob?

/bad joke

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Fluther is really growing on me. Its already become my biggest boredom buster =p. I’m well on my way to becoming one of the many Fluther addicts.

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Today it finally hit me how addicted i am to fluther. I have noticed in life since I’ve been on fluther when people ask me questions I try to answer them to the very best of my ability for great answers. ^_^

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