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Do you ever feel that you are consistently lagging behind in life?

Asked by SufiClown (360points) July 28th, 2010

How do you deal when you can’t meet the your objectives in life in the time you planned and it starts to effect every aspect of your life?

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Yes, very much at the moment. My life feels stagnant even though aspects of it are really good. I often feel bad for not appreciating what I have, but I can’t seem to get the things done that I want, and get my life moving in the direction it’s supposed to. Not sure if this is the same thing you mean though. I am not really dealing with it, I am just trying my best to get things moving.

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Yup. Right now I do.

I am doing my best to change, but, right now, change it hard. I am in a bit of a funk.

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Most of the time. I feel like this good life is behind a glass wall and I can’t seem to find how to break through. I am afraid I’ll wake up in 20 years and never have come close to doing the things I really want to and ask myself where did the time go.

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I have given up even trying. I don’t have facebook, I only recently got a DVD player, I don’t know or care how to program my remote, DVD player, and TV. I hate texting.


I can relate. My work, like those of many others, is very stressful, I have a young family and a lot of priorities. I used to like planning things to a “tee”, and setting objectives and trying to meet them, but when I realized I couldn’t do that, I just said to myself “Meh, life’s too short to worry about objectives! Life’s not about rules, but about having a good time the best you can, and getting to those things that need to be done when you can do it, if you can do it. If I never get to some of those things, so be it. I’ll do what I can and look out for myself first.”

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Not only am I lagging behind in life to a huge degree, but I am also stuck in a GIGA rut which I simply cannot get out of. Meanwhile life is passing on by…....

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Perhaps you should break your goal into a series of smaller goals so that you can have the satisfaction of reaching them.

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We all have times when we feel like this, & it is a rare person (indeed!) who reaches their 50’s & does not feel as though they have accomplished very little with their life. Life (as someone once said) is what happens while you are trying to make plans. However, you usually reach a point in your life when you become more accepting of your short-comings, & find a level of contentment with what you have.

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I always feel like I’m a few steps behind friends that I grew up with. I have a tendency to compare and then criticize myself on the parts I feel like I’m not up to par with. It’s self destructive. When I don’t compare myself to others, I am not as disappointed. Maybe I have to face more obstacles than those I compare myself to but I think of it as life experience.

I’ve learned to accept my flaws and work on them. I haven’t given up on my goals, just broken them into smaller ones.

There was a girl I grew up with that I envied. She seemed perfect. She was smart, beautiful, outgoing; essentially everything I felt I wasn’t. Years later, I looked her up on facebook wondering what had happened to her and I found out she had taken her own life three years ago due to a break up. Suddenly I wasn’t as envious of her any more. She probably never encountered many hardships or heartaches so when it happened to her, she was unable to cope with it.

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Make plans, yes, but know that they will always change because of one thing or another, so don’t cling too tightly to those plans! Be flexible. And when I was a child I wanted to smack everyone who said the following, but it’s true: The real fulfillment is in the journey, not so much in reaching the destination.

@Linda_Owl – It was John Lennon who said that. And as smart as I thought he’d been, I couldn’t believe something that wise came from him!

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Work on your time management skills, prioritize your day, sleep less, and quit the goofing off!!

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I always have. I’ve come to the conclusion that the world around me lives at a much faster pace than I do. And I’ve accepted that. I’m starting to learn that “keeping up with the Jones’”, so to speak, in all aspects of my life is really not necessary to be happy. Living my life at my own pace on my own terms is much more satisfying than trying to go to, get, and achieve everything that everyone else seems to think I need.

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Yes! I feel that I am lagging behind because all of my friends are done with school and starting their careers and I am still in school.

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Lately yes… I guess my addiction t the computer has made me behind a bit. I need to walk away from the computer. LOL Just walk away. I make my own schedule. .Sometimes I lose track of time.

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I wish I had more drive at the moment. I think it’s just a waiting game at this point. I try not to start any new projects as much as I can.

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This used to drive me insane in my early 20s – I am no longer bound to any ‘life plans’ and that makes it easier to go with the flow when things don’t go ‘on schedule’. I don’t feel I’m lagging behind because there is no such thing as ‘on time’.

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I think so…firstly because i had a “career change” in my early twenties, causing me to start from the bottom financially-wise, so i’ve felt that i’m lagging behind other my age financially speaking. However, now i feel like this lag has been “un-done” (hehe), in that i have a “job” where my time is flexible and i work for myself and at home, with my husband – this is something i’ve always wanted, to NOT work for someone else. Although i may not be making as much money as some others my age, in a way i feel better off nonetheless.

And then speaking of more day-to-day things…i’m a procrastinator, and it irritates me and i have yet to get the courage or will to overcome this annoying habit. I start so many things, but seldom finish them, even though i very much want to carry on with them. I seem to find the time to keep myself busy with everyday mundane things, instead of getting on with the stuff i really want to – it’s like i’m sabotaging myself or something! :)

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