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My friend just told me that obama just dropped out of the race because of the passport breech is this true, if so give me a link to a website that shows it.

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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Trust me, if that was true every news channel and website would have huge breaking news bulletins and Obama would have a gigantic press conference.

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your friend is a liar. in fact two police officers were fired due to the breech. here is a link to THAT story.

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They also looked at McCain’s & Clinton’s files. Condo-sleeza called all three and apologized.

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In other news… they recently removed gullible from the dictionary.

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this is just stupid

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does your friend live under the sea OMG

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Obama wouldnt be in the race if he was that stupid to drop out of 1st place maybe the next thing your friend tells you that sea aliens are going to take over the world. Get Real. :| :|

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well usually my friend doesn’t lie but I guess this wouldvea first

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forgive my hasty judgment. perhaps they were simply misinformed.

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oh it was a get back from when i told him hillay got kicked out fom the race…oops

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