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Recommendations for walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) July 29th, 2010

I’d like to walk 2–3 weeks of the Camino de Santiago in Spain – any recommendations if you’ve done it? I’ll be a single traveler hoping to learn Spanish, talk to fellow travelers, and stay in affordable but clean, hopefully charming accommodations.

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If you get a letter from a cleric saying you are on a religious pilgrimage, you can stay in monasteries and cathedrals along the route for free. It is very hilly, so you will want to have great shoes and train before you go. I would think you might want to have a companion or two but that is your choice, of course.

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I haven’t done it, but I know people who have.

Train in advance—the walk is no picnic.

Travel light, but be prepared for cool weather and rain.

If you speak Spanish, check out this site.

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Well, I’m hoping to walk it, and to go by myself. Bad idea?

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@dianalauren No, there are plenty of people who walk it by themselves. Even if you only intend to walk, you need to be in good shape, especially for some of the hilly parts of the camino.

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