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Whats the best place you've gone on vacation?

Asked by rzmustang (19points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

We haven’t been very many places and are starting to plan our ten year anniversary trip. Let us know where to go.

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We had a fantastic trip to central/southern Belize. English is spoken by everyone (it was a British colony until surprisingly recently) and eco-tourism has just surpassed citrus as the main economy (so tourists are quite welcom). In spite of that, it’s very non-commercial. I spent ten days there and never saw a t-shirt shop, didn’t see any other tourist except those at the resort with us. We went spelunking, diving, snorkling, explored Mayan ruins, toured a jaguar preserve, bicycled into the local town and pottery/carvings/painting directly from the local artist and the resort treated us like royalty.

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Spain and Malta

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We went to Bakersfield, Ca a few years back. It was wonderful. There are many sites to see and the weather is great. We were surprised at how wonderful it was. The night life there is also amazing. Clubs, shows and fine dining.
Bakersfield is the greatest vacation spot you have never heard of!!!!

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Arg, sorry about the typos, I’m sitting in the dark and trying to type.

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Detroit..(well, The Ford Museum and Greenfield Village). The rest of it is fehhhhhhhhh.



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Italy, Spain

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A few years ago, our family took a cruise around the Hawaiian islands, with a side trip down to Fanning Island in the Republic of Kiribati. It was exciting, relaxing and exotic.

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Yellowstone National Park was my favorite vacation and I vacation alot.

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Austrailia and new Zealand.

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cancun Mexico was the time of my life. If you don’t mind being depressed for 2 months after you come back home (cuz u miss cancun so bad) u should go there and sit in the white sand n drink a Miami vice!

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I love Maine. It’s beauty is breathtaking.

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San Blas, Mexico; the beaches and islands of southern Thailand; Bali north coast; Olympic Mountains; Galicia, Spain; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; the Outer Hebrides (take a raincoat); anywhere in the blessed Pyrenees; Paris.

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