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how do i get my printer to print black without replacing the color ink cartridges??

Asked by nomtastic (979points) February 28th, 2007
this is driving me crazy. i have a ton of stuff to print for a term paper, and my printer is tied up with the ink mafia. the color cartridges are out, so it won't let me print. however, there is still black ink (the icon tells me so) and it won't let me print just black. i even changed the setting to "print black only." no dice. and i don't want to put in a new *black* cartridge just to have it tell me that i need to replace the color ones.
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That's total crap. This is the general strategy of these cheap printers though.... give 'em away and force you to buy ink. I heard there was a recent scandal with Epson that they mistakenly read cartridges as empty that weren't, and people were upset. I think there was a settlement... (you might want to look into this). You could probably also try some sketchy tactics to make the cartridges seem full, but I wouldn't do more than giving it a good shake (you don't want to make a huge mess, or screw your printer).
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i have black ink but the printer is choosing the colored which is empty. previously i have been able to print black with no problem.

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