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What are some of your favorite jazz songs?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) March 21st, 2008

Looking for some new music to listen to. thanks

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I will assume that instead of songs, albums/artists are acceptable?

Brad Mehldau is really, really great pianist. In particular:

Live in Tokyo (solo album)
Introducing Brad Mehldau (first album as band leader)
Art of the Trio (volumes 2 and 5 are my favorites).

He started as a sideman with saxophonist Josh Redman, whose playing I also like a lot. Check out:

Mood Swing
Timeless Tales (for Changing Times)
Freedom in the Groove

Other favorites (just artists now)

Keith Jarrett (piano)
Herbie Hancock (piano)
Roy Hargrove (trumpet)
Nicholas Payton (trumpet)

If you are into straight-ahead jazz, and want to sample a variety of artists, check out Ray Brown’s series of albums “Some of my best friends are . . .” Ray Brown was a legendary bassist, and recorded these albums which featured him along with a variety of other artists who all played the same instrument. I really enjoy “Some of my best friends are . . . The Trumpet Players”.

Good luck listening!

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This is really simple stuff, but I love Brubeck’s Tangerine. Also his musical The Real Ambassadors with Louis Armstrong singing.

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Dave Brubeck—Take Five

anything by Benny Goodman.

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Anything Ella Fitzgerald specifically Someone To Watch Over Me or Harry Connick stuff. I also like Ingrid Lucia, Louis Armstrong and The Preservation Jazzhall Band. I spend alot of time in New Orleans listening to amatures who are incredible.

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I used to play alto sax in a jazz band but have lost touch with my rhythm. I’m always looking for some the songs we played. I played this one song in my sax quartet called “summer romance”. I don’t know who its by and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online. If anyone has any other suggestions I also like: miles davis, b.b. King, booker t, and other up tempo jazzy-blues.

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fly me to the moon and breakfast at Tiffany’s

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have you tried nina simone?

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At the moment I’m loving Gil Scott Heron; his ‘Lady Day and Jon coltrane’ is a fantastic song about the power of jazz. ‘Home is where the Hatred Is’, ‘The Bottle’, ‘Gun’, are other great songs by him and ‘Whitey On the Moon’ is hilarious.

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You must listen to the album Getz/Gilberto. It is the quintessence of jazz/latin/bossa nova. Before Herbie Hancock’s jazz album won the Grammy this year for Best Album, the last jazz album to win that award was Getz/Gilberto in 1965.

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Carmen Lundy -Come Home
Jaco Pastorious-Continuum
Karen Blixt-Faith Baby Faith
Miles Davis-Pharaoh’s Dance
John Coltrane-Lazy Bird

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Mr. Magic album by Grover Washington. Play it for your mate – it is some of the sexiest sax ever recorded. Leaves KG in the dust.

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Keith jarrett – Oasis, Nude Ants….Jan Garbarek – Visible World – Eventyr…
Sainkho – Out of Tyva…. Trilok Gurtu.., Nusrat fateh…, owh…asking for a favourite song isn’t possible for me..just too many beauties. sorry not capable, but try out any of these artists if you don’t know one or two..

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He Loved Him Madly by Miles Davis is one I can listen to over and over. Also Round About Midnite. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything by Miles Davis. One of my most favorite local jazz bands is called Noble Spirit. A great group of guys from the town that produced Bix Beiderbeck.

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april in paris by thelonius monk; take five by brubeck; carmel by joe sample. anything by coltrane, miles davis, jimmy smith or jimmy mc griff.

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Try this one
you’ll love it :D

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