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If I send money through pay pal can the person receive it within the same day?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) July 30th, 2010

Can I send money and the person receive it within one day? Also, is there a fee?

I’m not sure how it works. If I send money, it goes right into the acct and they can just start using their card or does it go through a process of having to go to paypal and then put it in your bank?

Not sure…

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If your payment is via credit card I believe it takes one day to be accessible. If you pay from a bank account it takes a few days. Read the Paypal website; it gives you all of this information. It will take you a few days to verify your account if you want to use your bank account to fund your Paypal payment.

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No. The actual “transaction time” takes a day or two usually.

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Western Union or a bank transfer is a good bet

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Western Union is expensive. Paypal is free if your account is a personal account and you use your bank account to fund the payment. I’ve been using it for years.

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As a Web developer, I get most of my payments through Paypal and I can tell you this.

If the funds are already in your Paypal account, you can transfer them and they instantly show up in the recipient’s account, assuming they have one. If you fund the transfer with money in your bank account, it will take 3–4 business days to transfer the funds to your Paypal account and then to the recipient. If funding with a credit card, the funds will show as verified as soon as the transaction is cleared by the card’s merchant bank, usually within a day. In any case, the recipient will receive a notice instantly, but unless the money was already in your account the notice will also tell them that the funds cannot be accessed till the transaction is verified, and give them an estimate of how long that will take.

Likewise, on the receiving end, once funds are in the recipient’s account, they can use them immediately with a Paypal Master Card, or withdraw up to $400 a day from an ATM using that card. But if they wish to transfer the funds to their bank account, it will take 3–4 business days for the funds to show in their collected balance.

If it absolutely has to be there today and all the Paypal conditions work against you, use Western Union or a Wire transfer bank to bank.

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PayPal works if you both have accounts already set up. If they are new accounts on either side…Lord help you!
It takes forever for them to varify your info and get you your $$$!
(at least it feels like forever. )

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