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What food/dishes/meals haunt your dreams?

Asked by christine215 (3173points) July 30th, 2010

There are a few dishes which I’ve had that were either executed so perfectly or just of the best quality as to make me dream about them until I can have a taste of them again.

Cape May Salt Oysters with a cucumber martini followed by seared diver scallops over risotto is one…I’ve repeated this dinner three times this summer and it never fails to send me into something close to a food climax

The first time I ever tried Albondigas was at Amada as part of a tasting menu which also included crab stuffed peppers and was paired with (first time I tried this too) xarel.lo wine from Spain
( much so that when we go there now, those are exactly what I order from the small plate menu)

What meals/dishes experiences do you dream about having again?

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Food just doesn’t affect my life in such a way.

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Literally? I never dream about food…

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I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about food.

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nobody so far has ever eaten anything so rare, that the dish remained in their mind to linger over the memory of the flavors, so much that you crave and anticipate having it again?

Not even like Grandmom’s home cooked___insert dish here___?

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@christine215 I have craved and anticipated things in that way, but it apparently doesn’t influence my dreams.

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Things I have never tried before. I constantly imagine what they would be like to eat. I am a food nut though, I want to try everything hehe aside from that, I dream of perfectly cooked baked potatoes, chilli that’s both hot and full of flavour, crab cakes served with sweet chilli sauce, lobster because I have only had it once and it was amazing… many many things. Now I’m hungry

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@christine215 ‘Crave’ or ‘fantasize’ might have been a better word than ‘dream’.

When I was very young, there was a re-occurring nightmare of a giant bowl of tapioca pudding slowly floating up the stairs and into my bedroom. It was made with some disgusting ingredients. Odd, since I had never eaten tapioca pudding before. Some sibling or friend must have described it in a vile manner. (This is an example of taking the question literally.)

There are many foods that I would love to have again, if prepared properly. And no one makes better turkey stuffing than my mother. At least, everyone in the family thinks so.

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I have always wanted to try lobster. One day perhaps…. ah well I can dream!

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It’s quite nice, bot you don’t get much meat unless you get a BIG one

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@Pied_Pfeffer ‘crave’ is one thing, but I know I can’t be alone @Chrissi85 maybe it’s a Chrissy thing… that I have daydreamed about these things… I also had a dream of walking into my grandparents home and having fried hot peppers on home made bread with some dressed greens with my grandmom while we talked… the food AND the conversation were so real…

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That might have something to do with it. My grandmother’s cooking is unrivaled in my mind, but she is still alive and cooking. Maybe when the day comes that her cuisine is not so readily available, I will experience what you’re describing.

I just don’t get that enthusiastic about food in general. I don’t particularly like to eat.

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@christine215 Ah, so then you did mean to literally dream about foods? If so, then my mistake.

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I used to have a nightmare about a giant marshmallow that came down and ate me up, down to my ankles. Disgusting.

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The dish that haunts my dreams died with my aunt. lol

A tomato aspic salad made with V-8 juice and horrid little bits of green olives and onions.

Served on a bed of butter lettuce in the shape of some ornimental 60’s jello mold that resembled an upside down gumdrop with designs.


My childhood was lived in terror of that evil concoction…..miserable formal dinners as an only child surrounded by the ancient ones that relished this horrible icon of pre-entrees.

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@christine215 It’s almost sad how much I can relate to this question! I love food, and can fondly look back on many things that I’d love to have again.

Chocolates from the local chocolate shop when I was a kid, handmade and completely decadent. I have to treat myself when I’m home for a visit.

I’d love to be back in Fort Wayne, IN during the Greek Festival. We went every summer when I was a kid, and I’ve never had such amazing gyros and spanokopita. There were these things kind of like donut holes, but the texture was different, drizzled in honey. Baklava. Oh Lord.

There was also the Johnny Appleseed festival, where we’d each get a bowl of ham and beans with a big hunk of corn bread. So yummy, with some funnel cakes for dessert.

Don’t even get me started on some of the restaurants. Italian places have a special spot in my heart. I’ve had fried calamari at many restaurants, but there was one place that got it perfect with the most wonderful sauce. Antipasto in Boston. Clam chowder in Mystic, CT. Graham cracker gelatto at a restaurant that otherwise sucked and has gone out of business.

Heck, I’ll even rave and crave about my own cooking. My tomato sauce, my chili, my chicken and dumplings (basically the things I don’t cook in the summer). Once fall and winter sets it, I’ll start wishing for summer and grilled pizza, baked peaches with gingersnaps, homemade ice cream, caprese salad.

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My grandma used to make this dish with dried grapefruit peels. The peels were dried and bathed in hot water to lose their bitter taste and then cooked with beef in a tasty sauce. They are probably the most amazing things I have eaten because the texture of the grapefruit peels reminded me of flavorful, tender meat. Unfortunately, there are few people that know how to make this dish because it takes a lot of time to preparing and you have to rinse the peels in scalding hot water several times. There’s even less people willing to share the recipe.

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i like Paella, Moussaka, Kedgeree and cheesecake, (i even discovered a recipe for Persimmon cheescake, (that sounds mind blowing)) but when it come’s to food actually stimulating dreams, i’ll go for a decent mushroom bhaji any day of the week.

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Ssssshhhhhh….don’t say cheesecake. You are evil…I am a cheesecake addict. lol

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one time i had a dream about the juiciest best chicken. pure and fresh, no spices or sauces

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I just baked a honey ricotta cheesecake with biscotti crust. muahahahahaha

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@MissAusten as I stated above, I’m not really a big fan of eating.. but that sounds amazing.

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I think about sausage, ham and bacon a lot. How can I prepare it this time? What would be fun to try.

My Grandson just watched Ratatouille and asked me to make some, which I did. It came out looking just like the movie, and tasted very good too.We had sausage cheese puffs to go with it.

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@MissAusten It probably is easy, but reading through the instructions, it says springform pan, which lets me out before I even start.

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I’m with the others. I don’t dream about food. Food is meant to nourish the body, I believe.

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Anything I couldn’t afford to buy.

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@meagan do you think that just because food nourishes the body that means it shouldn’t inspire dreams?
(food nourshes the soul too)

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@christine215 People dreaming about food is probably why there are so many obese people today.

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I see you are quite the contrarian +1 for ya!

Out of curiosity, in your opinion, which is the bigger group of ‘food dreamers’ obese people or starving people?

I don’t think that dreaming of food is the reason that so many people are obese… (there’s no calories in the fried peppers I eat in my dreams with my grandmom) People are obese for lots of different reasons, could be depression, hypothyroidism, or it could be that someone just plain eats too many calories and doesn’t get enough exercise to burn them off.

If you think dreaming of food is the impetus for people to consume too much then maybe I can see your point of view to an extent but you’re statement is as much a sweeping generalization as someone who says “obese people are lazy”

Until this very moment, I never really understood the term “eats to live” versus “lives to eat”

I admittedly live to eat… I enjoy food as a part of my life and I gather immense pleasure from feeding my family healthy delicious meals while we sit at the dinner table and enjoy the food and conversation.

Now I understand that there really are people who look at food as nothing more than something to put into their bodies to keep their organs functioning

Learn something new every day!

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@christine215 Not really interested. Sorry.

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@christine215 We need to examine the difference in the meaning of the concept of dreaming as contrasted with envision. Envision can be a process that leads to improvement.

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I am a food lover.

Love to shop for it, prep it, cook it, eat it, share it, give it away, drink wine with it, make picnics with it, grow it, smell it.

My specialties are home made soups and pies.

I make a mean apple-blackberry pie, everyone wants a piece of my pie! lol

Food is so much more than mere sustenance, it is love and celebration and yes, chicken soup for the soul.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I live to eat, but, close, close. lol

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