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Has anyone ever told you that a physical feature of yours gives you character?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 30th, 2010

My girlfriend has a beautiful, yet, (a smidge) pronounced Hungarian nose. When she pulls her hair back, I love it. I want to bite the tip of her nose gently. :)

A family member of her says that her nose gives her character.

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I’m sure. And, she’s fortunate that you feel that way. Good for you.

My best feature, I think…is my eyes.

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I’m with MissA, I’ve been told my eyes, because they are so dark. I think it’s my crooked nose, broke twice, but no one notices until I point it out. What gives with that.

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My crooked smile.

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It’s beautiful.

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This seems to be my answer to a lot of Fluther questions, but again it’s the big eyes. I have bigger peepers than average, apparently.
I get a lot of comments on my crooked smile, like @Facade said. One side of my mouth turns up and the other turns down when my face is relaxed. When I’m smiling it’s noticeably crooked – but I’m told it’s a pretty smile. I guess I will take their word for it. :)

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My signature is my bohemian pigtails. lol

Definitely the ‘Heidi of the Alps’ or “St. Pauli girl’ knockoff.

I always get tons of complements on my beaded braids.

Also my smile, a bit crooked but told I have an infectious and magnanimous smile.

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Large shoulders suitable for crying on.

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Have indentations in my head on the left side due to problems in child birth. I weighed 10 pounds and my Mom had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks. What character that gives me, i don’t know. Other than i came into the world with problems and will endure problems until i leave. Perseverance???? I guess!

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My profile. In the 60s, a gay guy told me that on a subway. I mumbled thanks and exited the car.I’ve heard the same thing from non-gays in the years since.

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My fingers. My grandma says they’re called dutchess fingers.

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My brain.

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My broken nose!! :-/

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No, but I’ve been told that my eyes are penetrative.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I would agree. They’re beautiful.

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@jjmah you’re just terrible. muah

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I’ve been told my nose gives me character. When I was younger, I hated it. It’s funny – it’s bigger than I’d like. There’s a bump in the middle. I’ve become used to it now and I suppose it does add character.

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I have a mole on my bottom lip. It often gets called “cute”.

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