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If you could go back to your past and change something what would it be with the time limit of 3 days?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 31st, 2010

Okay I’m asking this question since I know I should give up MY past and get over it, but I’m not one of those guys that just FORGETS about it. It’s still in my mind and I keep thinking of all of the things I should have done…or things I shouldn’t have….When ever I think of the past I always think of my life being a mess. When I was in 2nd-4th grade I was always depressed and quiet. I did have my friends, but they didn’t except me because of the depression. But hey I still have them now. What I’m saying is that I would change that. To uhm…being more positive and still have my quiet inside me. I would change many things in the 3 days if it was enough time….But I know it would affect on how I live today. But how would you guys change your past. How do you think it would change who you are now?

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I wouldn’t have sampled the black liquorice..yuck

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I would like to play the correct lottery numbers.
Than three days latter after winning the lottery I would tell my boss to f… off.

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I’d only need an hour. Go back to last November 6th and delay my lady from leaving the house.That logging truck wouldn’t have hit her car.

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Sorry… not a thing, for fear that it may change what my life is like now. No regrets, even the crappy things.

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absolutly nothing, everything that has happened lead me to where I am today, and i would not like to be anywhere else… :)

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I’d spend 3 days of intense quality time with my younger daughter instead of concentrating on her sister whose shananigans took over our household. And I would throw her huge birthday parties! She deserves the Best. but I didn’t know it then

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I wouldn’t give my virginity to that asshole.The next asshole was less assholish than the first… LOL

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I’d only change my life on the day Fluther first came out, and make myself join on that day instead of just yesterday. ^.~

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I would of stayed till the very end when my mother died. I lost it. and didn’t .. I regret that but I was eighteen. I should of stayed.

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If I only had three days? I guess I’d go back to when I was a child and write some advice I’d need later, get my parents to make permanent copies so I wouldn’t lose them. Try to convince them I wasn’t possessed or something. I mean, I would be, but whatever.

That seems like the most reliable butterfly effect engineering to me. Just make sure your advice is written out clearly and not in short witty sayings. Tell stories. That should make the real meanings clear enough to not be misunderstood.

Actually, time travel messes with my mind. I have no idea what I would do or what I could do. Would be afraid of messing things up or something.

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If I could, I would go back and prevent my best friend from killing himself. This is the first time in my life that I feel, if I were given the opportunity, I would absolutely change something about the past.

I don’t generally think this way, because everything that happened in the past is absolutely what made you who you are today. There were a lot of bad things that I went through, stupid things that I did, but if I changed them, there’s no telling what now would be like. That said… I just don’t care, when it comes to my best friend. I would save him, without a second thought.

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Maybe if I didn’t >>>> all them people!! ?? long time ago…..... :-/

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I would have called into work to tell them I was not coming in – instead of just not showing up , which resulted in getting fired!!

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Three days equals three things I can go back and undo. I would have made a decision to get the first associates BEFORE attempting to tranfer. I would have not dated Charlie nor moved out of my parents home. I would have told Eddie how I felt. Those three things would only have took a day each….a day of unringing the bell. My life could have ended up different or very much the same. Who knows?

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