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Is there a way for ultra damaged hair to get back to health ? My hair is really dry !

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 31st, 2010

So my hair is really messed up now, thanks to all the ironing, dying, and all the extentions i’ve done to it….... Is there any way for my hair to come back to it’s natural healthy way ? Will conditioning it everyday help ??

What about leaving olive oil or using eggs for the protein?

Does anyone know any natural remedie ? Or good beauty hair products that will restore it?

It’s dry to the point where it breaks off

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I’ve fried my hair to that extreme. I had to cut it super short. If it breaks off there is not much you can do.

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@max_gutierrez—ughhh really ??? nothing worked for your hair ?? how damaged was yours ?? i know that deep conditioning it at a nice salon would help, but be veryyyy expensive….. ugghhh :(

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@gypsywench – was there anything you did that helped or was your hair totally gone?? Now I wish I never done anything to it

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@Scarlett Depends. Is it over dyed, stripped, or bleached? If it’s just over dyed you might be able to repair it. I would trim the ends, and it might make a difference.

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@wretchedgrrrl – I don’t bleach it, but over heat it with a straightener :(


Try Brylcreem. I know it’s a traditional product for men, but it does restore shine and softness in hair that is dry. I use it all the time, and it works well for me. It’s “good stuff”.

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Try Lush hair treatments, shampoos and conditioners.

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Have you tried this Neutrogena stuff or this Sebastian stuff? The Neutrogena is especially cheap and really quite good.
I haven’t had major heat damage, but I had horribly botched highlights at an Aveda school and I’m only saying the name because the customer service and handling of it sucked that left me with very, very, dry and damaged hair. Leave the Neutrogena mask on towel dried hair for about 8 minutes every day for a while (do not sleep in it). It’s not a miracle but it’s pretty great.

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For me, I would work real mayonnaise into it, all over. Then put it up and cover it with plastic, either a clear plastic bag or plastic wrap. Let it soak into your hair for about half an hour. Then wash it out with a good shampoo. I recommend one called Infusium. I also use that for a conditioner, usually their leave-in conditioner. (put it on hair when you are done drying, comb it through, and leave it. After your hair is dry (it will probably still look ‘wet’ ) then comb it. I would not use a brush because it will break hair faster. I’d do this once a week for a bit and see if there is improvement. The Infusium can be used all the time. I even use the conditioner when I brush my hair, to remove tangles.

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A deep conditioner could help, maybe a VO5 Hot Oil treatment; I used to have luck with those. Panteen shampoo and conditioner seems especially good at smoothing hair, which personally is not favorable for me, since my hair is thin and flat, but it is moisturizing, my husband loves it, but he has thick gorgeous wavy hair that I am very jeolous of, but that is off topic. Also, cut your hair back as much as you are willing to. If you put layers in it will shorten up the top hairs that are the longest.

Lastly, I want to mention that thyroid conditions wreak havok on hair. It becomes dry and brittle and falls out. It sounds like you have your explanation with the chemicals you have used, but just wanted to mention it in case you have other thyroid symptoms, and this started recently when previously the chems did not bother your hair.

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VO5 hot oil is awesome.

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Get it trimmed up as short and simple as you can stand in a style you can comb and wear wet to dry without blowing or ironing. I like almond and olive oil as a comb in and then use a spray to smooth the sides or part into place. Keep trimming until you can get rid of most of the damaged hair.

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You must get all the damage cut off. My hair is very shiny and healthy but I only use hot rollers once a week, expensive shampoo and Rarely condition it. I take a lot of D3 and Resveratrol. I do not know what D3 does to hair , if anything but it’s thickish and shiny.
I color it 3 times a year for the little bit of gray that I have.

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@Scarlett it was extremely damaged haha

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My niece iron’s her hair with an actual iron for clothing and her hair is gorgeous. It is more than just hot styling tools. You said you had extensions, was that because you have thin brittle hair to begin with?

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My hair was frail to begin with, and I really fried it a few months ago with a flat iron. I’ve had a couple of haircuts since then, so some of the damage has hit the stylist’s floor.

I did invest in a keratin-bonding procedure, and it really, really did help. These go by different names (Brazilian Blowout is one—though that sounds like anything but a hair treatment to me). It is costly, but I’m very pleased with the results. Much less frizz and fuzz, much more resistent to humidity, much softer.

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Are you aware of the fact that hair is “dead” once it grows out of the root area ?
Well, it is.
It has NO WAY of recovering from damage on its own.

The VERY BEST conditioning treatment is to SLATHER MAYONNAISE onto dry hair,
wrap it in plastic and sit under a heat cap for as long as you can stand it.
Really BAKE the stuff in.

Then, put aluminum foil over the plastic wrap and go sit in the hot sun.

What ? NO hot sun available ?
Then just leave it in ALL day and over nite…24 hours !
A few good shampoos and PALMER’s OLIVE OIL CONDITIONER.
That’s as good as it will get.

Only one thing else to do…
get brave and…

The short hair will actually make you look younger !
Add some flashy earrings, if you want to look “girlie”
and don’t sweat it anymore !
THANK GOD, HAIR GROWS at a rate of approximately ½ inch a month !

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Including the great advice given above:

Avoid sun and hard water.

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sadly,you will have to cut all the dead parts off..there’s no way to get around it :/ trust me.things can do good for your hair temporarily,but the damage will still be there unless you cut it off..then deep condition it all the time.literally ALL the time.only wash your hair 2–3 times a week.and condition/deep condition it every day or every couple healthy,take vitamins,i take ones with folic acid,biotin, them(: don’t dye it anymore or wear extensions anymore,and look up ways to style your hair heat free.I cut my hair off a year ago from damage and wanted to grow it out,well,lol,I messed it up again,because I got bored and bleached my entire hair then dyed it red .xD,but,I cut it again.Get a keratin treatment,if your hair is frizzy/curly and you usually straighten it,a keratin treatment will last for months and keep your hair smooth and healthy so you don’t have to use heat(: also do mayonnaise,avocado and honey,hot oil(coconut,olive oil) treatments every week at least.and even better,morrocan and argan oil if you can afford them(: and get your hair trimmed and shaped ever 2–3 months.only ¼ you can get rid of all split ends,and also,when hair is growing from so short,and growing out long so fast,it looks weird,it will look too long and too short,etc in some areas,like a mullet,lol,so that’s also why you trim and shape it.(: also try to use organic won’t have alcohol,and sulfates,and all that other crap that dries your hair up.and even though people say it’s ok to use heat tools as long as you use heat protectant,just don’ will still get damaged,dry,split,and break off either way.only use hot tools a couple times a month,if you can go that long.but I’m sure you can(: there are plenty of super cute ways to style short hair without heat.and get a short haircut for your face shape.and to look more girly,dress more feminine and do your makeup to enhance your girly and most gorgeous features(: and when you don’t want your hair down,try to clip it/pin it up instead of tying it,hair ties reallllyyyy break your hair off..That’s really all I can think luck,even though this is late,haha.this information can always be useful to anyone(:

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