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I want to buy some new music. Any recommendations?

Asked by SufiClown (360points) August 1st, 2010

All recommendations are welcome. However, just to give you a background of artists I tend to like:
Radiohead, The Beatles (duh), The National, OAR, The Pixies, The White Stripes, Aqualung, INXS, Coldplay, The Cure, Jason Mraz and some R&B/Hip-Hop stuff.

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Just because I’m on a huge Anthony Green kick, check out Circa Survive! This is their new single, the whole album is good and so is “On Letting Go”. Anthony Green’s solo album “Avalon” is great too, much more mellow…

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You could try some Elbow.

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Some random new cds got recently that are great
Bloody Beetroots -Romborama
The White Panda- Rematch
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno-Dog with a Rope one of the coolest band names ever :P
The Budos Band-The Budos Band III
The Gorillaz-Plastic Beach
Killerpilze-Lautonom they kind of remind me of a german version of offspring
Jonsi-Go lead singer of sigur rós
Hot Chip- One Life Stand
Two Door Cinema Club- Tourist History
Indubious- Cosmic Seed
Tame Impala-Innerspeaker these guys sound a TON like the beatles.
Cassette Kids-Nothing on TV and this band sounds a shitload like No Doubt

i like muzik :P

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Live in London Leonard Cohen

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Listen to some CAN

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Anything before 1990.

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The Levellers…... :-/

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Brian Setzer

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Bat for Lashes

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Rebelution(runnin, heart like a lion) they are my favorite but all their music is good

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green day! they are great.

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I actually recently found Dragonette, I like a lot of the music you do so maybe you’ll enjoy

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