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How to open/use .webbookmark files?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) March 21st, 2008

Someone sent me a file in a .webbookmark format. Google isn’t returning anything. The file has a file name with just numbers and letters. It got sent in an email, we don’t know if it started in that format or not. Any way we (pc users) can use/open it? It’s kind of imperative that we open it ASAP and contacting the person is going to take too long. So far all I can find from Google is that it is somehow related to Mac. Any help will be appreciated.

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Did you try replying to the person who sent you the email asking them what they opened/created the file with..?

* edit* just found this, it doesnt answer much since you’re running windows, but its a start…

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but you can get Safari for windows. I’m such an idiot…

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