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Which Thermometer is best for dairy products?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) August 2nd, 2010

I am trying to make cheese/yogurt and I can borrow a thermometer (to save money). However its a candy/deep fry thermometer (goes from 80F to 400F much higher than I will need for dairy). There are two options; a “mercury” thermometer that is in a protective glass casing or a metal one with a “gage”. Both have a clip to attach it to the side of a pot. I was curious on which is the better one to borrow. Pros and Cons.

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I’d say the glass one is likely much more accurate. Gages need to be set and stuff and they never functioned properly in the first place. The glass one just relies on the amount of mercury which is perfectly measured when they make the thing. Glass is also pretty good for cooking since it doesn’t react chemically to anything you might be up to. (Not that I’m sure the metal one would react or anything)

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I am a chef and we are required to use a thermometer that is adjustable for accuracy. They are typically metal with a dial guage on top. For your use either one will probably do. To test it for accuracy fill a water glass with ice and water and let it rest for a couple of minutes, put your thermometer in it and it should read 32 deg. If it doesn’t and there is no way to adjust just add or substract the difference from your reading while making your product. Good luck

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I guess I should have read more closely. The thermometer you’re borrowing only goes as low s 80 deg. so to check for accuracy place in boiling water and it should read 212 deg. Hope this helps.

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