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Why is Shark Week so huge?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) August 2nd, 2010

I don’t get all the hype… can someone fill me in?

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I guess because to a lot of people they are exceptional creatures worthy of the attention. Yeah, sure do make their JAWS drop ;¬}

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Summer is a time of total and complete inaction. School is out. TV is reruns. Congress is out. The news (largely because Congress is out) has nothing to report. Once it hits the middle of July, most of America stops going outside and simply finds an indoors place with great AC to sit and stare off into space.

And then along comes Shark Week. The only mother-effing interesting thing to happen in months. It doesn’t matter how crap it is, or how much sharks just aren’t your cup of tea. You would kill your grandmother from some goddamn entertainment and stimulation if it didn’t require you crawl out of your lethargic stupor. Shark Week is your only chance to feel alive again.

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I’m forwarding this to my sister, because she was absolutely dumbfounded by this. She had never even heard of Shark Week until yesterday… so I think she’ll be excited to read the answers.

@papayalily hit the nail on the head, I believe. :)

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so i just heard of shark week…now… but it doesn’t sound too great.. i’m not a fan of sharks..they’re ugly and dumb, and i don’t think i’ve ever eaten it but i imagine shark wouldn’t taste too good because they call it poor man’s swordfish…

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Discovery Channel hype.

I don’t know anyone who changes their schedule for it – but the commercials are endless.

At this point it’s kind of kitsch. To my mind it could just as easily have been “Gilligan’s Island Week” if they’d put the same amount of marketing dollars into it.

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Because it’s hip to like sharks, they’re so badass and stuff.

I must admit though, I watched a show on Discovery yesterday about people who survived shark attacks… it was pretty awesome.

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A good Advertising Agency.

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It’s almost like Formula 1 racing: Maybe, just maybe, there will be blood.

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I ran around my work informing all of my co-workers that shark week started on sunday.
It really is great, last year a friend of mine bought the dvd and we marathon watched it.
Its strangely addicting, even if you’re not into sharks that much.
Honestly, they’re pretty intense animals.

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Ah the Ampullae of Lorenzini that I have known and loved!

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