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Does anyone have a Passion Pit tattoo?

Asked by amandagetrich (46points) August 2nd, 2010

I’v been thinking a lot about getting a new tattoo, and since my favorite band of all time is Passion Pit, I wanted some idea’s for one. Since the band doesnt have a specific logo or design, there’s really not much I could think of to do, except for a tattoo of their lyrics. If you don’t have a picture or know anyone with a Passion Pit tattoo, if I were to get the lyrics “I believe in believing the things that we don’t see” where would be a cool place to get it, other than my back or chest?

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I really dislike the idea of getting a tattoo relating to a band. Not that you shouldn’t do it, I just think of how much I have changed, and my tastes have changed, in the last 10 years alone.

Tattoos are easy to regret, that’s all.

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I second @TheOnlyNeffie

I mean, I’ve seen band-related tats I’ve appreciated – like the Beatles, or the Misfits… something that you don’t really grow out of. But some random something that you might forget entirely in a few years (except of course for the fact that it’s etched into your body…) not so much.

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In three years they will be as outdated as…well, any band that was big three years ago and is non-existent now. There are lots of them.
Please rethink.

I second @TheOnlyNeffie and @Seek_Kolinahr

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i also agree….. getting words is cool if they have meaning to you… ie something your dad mom grandpa etc etc used to say to you growing up. But just random words from a band who you love not really something i would recomend. There are many random not so good idea tattoos i would get before getting words from a band or a logo of a band on me no matter how much i loved them.

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As long as you are accepting of the fact that you may one day regret and/or even hate your tattoo choice, then fuck what others have to say. Go crazy.

Here’s the thing… Tattoos are just artwork. They represent who you are at certain times. A lot of people think you need a special reason to get tattoos. It’s nice when you have one but bottom line is that they are artwork that an artist puts on your skin instead of on canvas. That being said, if you like Passion Pit and want something to show how much you like them, then go for it.

A word to the wise; bad tattoo ideas can come out as great tattoos as long as you pick a good artist. Some of mine are proof of that. For example, a rabbit in a tuxedo.
I mean, that’s quite a ridiculous idea but I like the way it turned out.

I’m not a big fan of words just randomly placed on the body. It looks weird to me. I’d put them in some sort of banner with some sort of flower or something else to go with it so it doesn’t look so out of place. That’s just my personal taste. If you did that, you could put it anywhere really. Leg, arm, ribs/hip, back, chest just wherever. The good thing about banners is that they can be drawn in a way to fit just about anywhere. Good luck!

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Whoa, I thought you were asking girls if they had a tattoo on their, um, passion pit.

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I’ve never heard of that band, nor, I am sure, have many others. So if you get a ‘Passion Pit’ tattoo, it is not a band we will think you are referring to. I’d not do it.

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