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What does your quick Thank You note to your education look like?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) August 2nd, 2010

My friend just wrote

“Dear _____,

Five years later, and I still feel unprepared for any work above the basic secretarial level. Bitterly, Me”

and her friend had the following:

“Dear _____ College and US Army,
Thanks for preparing me for the real world without all the student loans.
Love, me”

and I thought, I wonder what my fellow Flutherites would write…

I think I’d put

“Dear NYU,

Thanks for giving me enough freedom to learn outside your classrooms and for showing me what I actually want to be instead of what I thought I should have been,

With Nostalgia, Simone”

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Dear Vocational-Technical High School and Art College;

Thank you for teaching me about craft, repetition and practicing until you get it right. Thank you for exposing me to other cultures and countries I’d never heard of. Thank you for teaching me “old school” design just before computers came along and changed everything. Thank you for teaching me how to learn so I could always teach myself new things and not become a dinosaur. Thank you for making me earn my diploma and my BFA.

PS: Sorry for never finishing my Masters Degree but I went to China instead.

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@cprevite Lol to the last line – I loved that note, btw!

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Dear law school., I hope I never walk your halls again, for any reason.

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Dear High School,

You taught me more about myself in my final year with you than I could ever learn outside of your walls. I’m sorry I skipped classes 4 times a week, but I had better things to do.
Entirely too many students died in those three months my senior year. I’m still mad at you for that. But you have to admit that the rest of us pulled together during those times really nicely.
Apart from how to fix cars and how to sneak out of the side doors, I didn’t learn much from you. But that’s okay. I’m fixing that now.

I’ll never forget you but I wish I could,
P.s: I’m still high. Fuck you, officer TJ.

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Dear primary and secondary school: I am stunned at how much I actually learned during those years; the information has been more useful than I would have ever imagined.

Dear University: I had a blast! I loved living on campus, making new friends, being in a different part of the country. I wish I had applied myself more, and not taken a somewhat lazy path. You had so much to offer that I did not take advantage of.

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Dear MC,

Thank you for teaching me that I can in fact function on 2 hours of sleep per every 48 hour period because I have four essays to write about the most obscure damn topics one could possibly conceive of. Oh, and a real thank you for the $2900 check I got once per semester my sophomore year. I trust that you know it was put to good use ;-)


Fiddle Bastard

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`Education is a process, not a result’

i’d like to thank Pierce Brosnon in the movie Taffin for reminding me of that one. lol

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Thanks for the enormous snowballing student loan which I can not afford to pay you back that I was forced to take out because I was not poor enough for grants. I now have more debt then I ever had in my life. Oh but I got a piece of paper that says Summa Cum fucking Laude. Fuck you all and die and stop asking me for contributions you cunts. Regards.

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Dear “Big Green”:

Thanks for showing me, at age 14, that I could swim with the big fish academically and that now, at age 53, I still can. (I’m completing my PhD a third of a century after starting work on it).


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Dear SLC,

Thanks for teaching me how to think and helping me to be intellectually curious.

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Dear U of N Texas:
Thank you for everything I learned in spite of all the late hours and bad conduct on my part which I don’t regret since I know that it was all just good, clean (?) fun never to be repeated.

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Dear Technical School,
Thank you for teaching me that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. For a federally funded program you lack any useful information or really….anything.

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deer teecherz thxs 4 teechin my stuf an thins 2 do stuf an leern
now i no hw 2 speel an reed an rite an do matamatacal aquashuns
tank u 4 my educashun an lenin
tat cool kid w teh snglas…...

Gee, I hope my education isn’t over… this letter makes it look like I was educated by Yahoo Answers..

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