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If you saw something that was outside of reality (like a dragon, a flying person, something incredibly hard to believe), what do you think would be the first thing you did afterward?

Asked by jca (35976points) August 2nd, 2010

if you were by yourself and saw something so unbelievable (something mythical or impossible), what do you think you would do? would you call someone? would you be afraid to tell anyone for fear they’d think you’re crazy?

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I’d come on Fluther and talk about it.

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Pinch myself.

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“iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, dammit, where’s my iPhone??!” It has a video function.

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I’d tell my husband and he’d believe me.

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I’d watch it as long as I could.

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Like @cockswain, would check it out. But, having said that, until you see this “thing,” don’t really know how i would react. It is like the tornado that some people are so curious about….and we never hear from them again. We never know exactly how we would react until that time comes!

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I once thought I saw a flying saucer, for real, so I looked very carefully, but I soon realized it was only a reflection in the car window.

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I would take it in stride.

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First, my brain would shut off for a second and then followed by a “WTH was that?” I might follow depending on what it was. If it looks like Scuzzlebutt, I’m going the other way.

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I would assume that it was just a trick of the mind or senses and go on with my day. I’d tell my wife to get her input, but I would have a very hard time accepting that I saw something supernatural.

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I’d exclaim, “Holy Shit!” while reaching in my camera bag in an attempt to capture it. Hopefully I have the telephoto lens attached.

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Reading several of the answers, my first thought, how would you know? And, @tinyfaery makes a good point. You blame it on the mind.

Many years ago, me and my s/o, saw on the news about a meteor showers in our area that night. We took our dog, a blanket, and went to the golf course behind our house. We were enjoying the night…it was a beautiful night and occasionally we would see a meteor fly through the sky. THEN, all of a sudden, this HUGE light came right at us….words cannot describe that light. My heart was jumping out of my throat. My s/o was scared to death. Our dog was hiding behind us….scared! Believe me, we got our stuff and headed to the house ASAP.

Never will know what that was. Believe me, we were scared…and i normally, don’t scare easily.

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Call 6 On Your Side.

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I had an experience like this about 5 years ago.

Was traveling through the Mt. Shasta area on my way to a friends lake house in Lake Almanor Ca.

I was ‘followed’ for about 10 miles on a deserted mountain highway by a purple, cylindrical flying object. It was soundless and hovered behind my car by about 1/8th of a mile through the trees and about, maybe, 100 ft. in the air, I don’t know.

It had an irredescent violet/purple glow to it and looked like a submarine.

I shared with a few friends, some were open, most just laughed it off.

Who knows…but I know what I saw and it was undefinable.

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I’d call my best friend.

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You mean… you mean everybody doesn’t see that stuff all the time?

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I would definitely try to kiss it.

It may be the new dawn of man.

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Something else purple involved perhaps?

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i would throw away the weed .

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Assume I was dreaming, and try not to wake up unless it was really unpleasant.
I think you probably mean to ask, after being sure it was real. I’d try to learn more without getting in terrible danger, if possible. And so it might depend on the thing and what it was doing.

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I’d tell my husband and my mum and sister, they wouldn’t think i’m crazy, they’d believe me. And then i’d probably leave it at that! Oh, and i’d be wondering how the &%#$ did that happen for some time afterwards.

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I don’t drive under the influence of anything.

Are you going to start being the sarcastic stalker because of our little debate about good enough health? I hope not.

It’s a brand new day, let go of the past and start fresh in the present.

No hard feelings here, harboring ill will is bad for your heart. lol

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Lighten up. Here on the East Coast we call that a joke.

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I’m feeling great this morning..all light, and humor! :-)

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Great. Seize the day.

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Oh, wonderful. All these UFO sightings and you RAN AWAY? No Way would I have run away. Except to get a camera!

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Only one UFO sighting..that was enough! lol

My camera was in my bag in the trunk, I was just about to stop after 10–15 minutes of this thing going on, then it was just gone! Poof…GONE!

It was the eeriest thing I have ever experienced no doubt.

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The mind is an amazing and powerful thing. Once, on a hike in the mountains with the youth group, we spotted a fox that quickly ran off. The leader asked us what color the fox was. The answers ranged from grey to brown to red. That scenario has always stuck with me.

There is only one personal experience that remains unexplained. Mainly though, I go with logic and avoid assumptions.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – You were the dragon to the fox.

He’s going back to the skulk and say – “You’re not going to believe what I just saw.”

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@ipso You’re probably right, although there were about 14 of us. What would that be? A congregation of Christians?

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@Coloma It sounds just fabulous like your goose. I Love that goose, coloma.
So now we have an encounter with a mountain lion and a UFO sighting. my life is so ordinary You know when they abduct you it is not something most people remember at all. So , tell us you had “missing time.”
I am so jealous; at least I bought the Tolle book

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@Pied_Pfeffer – How about 14 Ned Flanders werewolfs instead of dragons? That’s not too bad.

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Hahaha…you’re so cute! :-)

No missing time, but then again, IF I was abducted maybe they had the power to put me back in the same time they took me from. lolol

And maybe they kept driving my car remotely, and maybe my body never left the car and they just abducted me psychically, after all aliens are smarter than we are right? hahaha

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After staring blankly, jaw-dropped to my knees…gran mal siezure followed by several months in a coma. Years later I would still not know if what I saw was real but would go ahead and publish a bestselling book about it anyway.

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