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When did Fluther become a chat room?

Asked by gooch (5734points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Many questions get off course and turn into chat. Does this bother anyone? Shouldn’t we use the comment section for that?

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One would think so.

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I wondered that, as well…
I’ve seen that it’s considered a Social Networking site, and I never thought of it that way. I see a site where you can ask or answer questions as an information resource site.

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Fluther is my boyfriend. Fluther is my girlfriend…

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I’m not bothered by that aspect, but then again, I’m a repeat offender.

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Bothers me… Each time I refresh there’s nothing to do here.

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when the I-phone app came out

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Good question. I am close to throwing in the towel. Andrew and Ben are trying; I have run out of ideas. Several of the old-timers have surprised me by lowering their standards dramatically. Is it “cool” (whatever that actually means) to be accepted by the iPhone chatterboxes?

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My new approach to fluther is to only answer when I REALLY have something relevant to say. I used to sometimes chime in and say things like “oh, yeah I totally agree with Gail…” and such. Now, if I feel like somebody has made my point, I just leave it alone. I have (many times) almost posted this question: “Are you aware that you are not required to respond to EVERY question here?” But each time I type it and then think better. I think of the scene in 9 to 5 when Lily Tomlin takes a super-deep breath and says, “I’m a tree; I can bend.”

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