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I want to buy an iPod touch but am getting a new computer soon. Will my new computer wipe out my iPod touch?

Asked by delta77 (196points) August 3rd, 2010

I currently have a Mac and I want to buy an iPod touch that will sync with this Mac. I am getting a new PC a few months from now. Will my iPod touch be wiped out when I sync a new computer to this same iPod touch? Or will it sync to both computers (podcasts, music, videos, photos)? Do you have experience with this?

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Short answer, yes – when you plug in your iPod to the PC (regardless if you ‘authorize’ that PC to use your itunes account) it will still say that you are plugging the iPod into a new computer & will be erased & synced to the new library. To avoid this headache, use an external hard drive & copy / paste everything in your iTunes music folder to the drive. Put it on new PC & then sync the iPod.

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@rpmpseudonym I can confirm this – I recently had to do the exact same thing when going from a PC to a Mac.This is a huge lapse in foresight by Apple, and they should make an easier way of doing it.

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This page from Apple should be helpful, Migrating Files to PC

@Truefire, I agree. Although they have the problem completely covered when it comes to transferring files from one Mac to another, with the genius program, Migration Assistant – going from Mac to PC or PC to Mac is still a lengthy & troublesome process. I am surprised Apple hasn’t gotten on top of this problem, since they are always saying, “Switch to a Mac” (Which I did) but they don’t make it an easy thing to do.

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Actually, I just got a second-hand iPod Touch and haven’t lost any of the apps that were on it. Of course, I unchecked a few things so it doesn’t automatically sync everything and wipe it out.

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