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Is there a way I can move a profile picture on Facebook to another album ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) August 3rd, 2010

I’m trying to figure out how I can move some pics that are on my profile pictures to another album…is this even possible and if so how do I do it ?

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Click on the photo you want to move, and you should see a list of links below the picture. Click on “Edit this photo.” Below the picture there will be a drop-down labeled “Move to:”. Select the album you wish to move the photo to and click “Save changes.”

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It doesn’t seem like it’s possible :( or am I doing something wrong?

I click on “Photos” > go to “Profile Pictures” > Click on the picture I want deleted > and there isn’t a “Move To” Link like every other album…..

And when I click “Edit Photo” there is only the option to change the caption or Tag someone…..

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For some reason, this does not work for “Profile Pictures,” perhaps because it is an automatic album. Try this from the album you originally uploaded the picture into (it does work for “Wall Photos” and any albums that you have created), and it should work. Unfortunately, if you have since deleted the original album or picture, you will have to re-upload the picture in order to get it into the new album.

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You can always upload again, to the new album.

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