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How can I make my bed more comfortable to sleep on?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) August 3rd, 2010

I have a full size bed that folds in half into a futon. It’s really uncomfortable to sleep on. Every morning I wake up with a serious backache. What can I put on it to make it softer?

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You could try a nice fluffy mattress pad.

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Buy a memory foam pad and put that on top of another heavy mattress pad.

Comfy is you!

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Try putting a piece of ½” plywood under the mattress. Sometimes too soft is just as bad as too hard.

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I have a fantastic mattress pad. I think it has feathers in it, or maybe it is fake feathers? I don’t like the memory foam personally, but many people do. Do you use the futon as a sofa during the day? You strip the sheets off every morning? You may want something simple that you can just lay across the sleeping area and roll up and put store away easily. Mattress pads you tuck in below the bottom sheet.

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I ditto @perspicacious feather bed suggestion. It totally works.

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Are there uncomfortable metal cross bars? try putting cardboard over them, under the cushion. or lay some blankets atop the cushion.

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No feathers…save the geese! lol

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egg crates? try two of them. i always sleep with a lot of pillows (currently 6 regular sized and two smaller) and a few blankets (down or down alternative, currently 2 but have had 4 in the past) soo comfy.

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@Coloma They make fake down now. All of my pillows are fake down, purchased at Costco.

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I put my futon mattress on the floor. Gave up on the crappy frame. It forces me to flip the mattress every night, and the floor is nice and even so there’s no back problems. Doing a little lifting, putting it back on the frame, is a good way to start the morning.

That said, I’m saving up for what I call a “real-person bed.” No flimsy futon shit. Can’t fucking wait.

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My sister used to have a piece of regular foam I used to sleep on when I visited. I put it on the floor and it was pretty comfortable. I think it was an inch or two thick. It was from a foam place not a bedding place.

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@JLeslie made a good suggestion about foam. You can buy it from upholstering companies in different degrees of firmness.

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if you don’t have the cash for a featherbed.. I got a some cheap scrap bedding from sealy.. or some department store i can’t remember..and like they sent me into the back where they stuff the matresses and i went in to this little room where i waited and we made the deal..was like 10 bucks.

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All the above is good advice. I use a body pillow, which keeps me lying in a more comfortable position whichever side I turn. I also use a memory foam pillow, which has helped ease my neck problems. I keep my room very dark (I even have a voice-activated clock so I can keep its light off).

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Cool…yes. I’m a goose lover, what can I say, after having my guys for the last 12 years.

Once you know a goose personally you have no desire to sleep on or wear them. lol

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I threw away all my featherbeds; they packed down badly.
The very best pad I’ve ever used is a cheap, very thick latex foam pad from . It is about $55 for queen. Go on there and look for LATEX bed pad. I have a kingsized memory foam, 4”, and it’s hard. Hate it. Wish I had gotten the latex.

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Arite here’s the thing…it’s my son’s bed. It’s a bunk bed, he sleeps on the top bunk which is pretty comfortable but the bottom is a futon. Ideally I would need something that’s flexible enough to fold in half.

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@BoyWonder If he sleeps on the top bunk, why is it an issue?

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@Afos22 It’s an issue because I don’t want guests coming over complaining their back hurts when they sleep on it. Duh.

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@BoyWonder Do the guests stay for many days and weeks? Just fold a comforter in half and lay it on top of the futon. I would not go to extreme efforts for a short term guest.

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I like my guests to feel comfortable and for your information, they would be more than guests, they would be family. I don’t know how you guys take care of your families but I do care if they’re comfortable or not. And for those who mentioned memory foam or latex, I thank you for your insights. I now have options to choose from and that latex sounds perfect.

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@BoyWonder I’m glad to hear that you feel that you’ve found a suitable solution.

I hope I’m wrong, but there seems to be a bit of testiness in your last two postings that seems uncalled for. Some of us were just confused. Your 1st post said it is your bed. (I took the way it was worded to mean that it was the bed you slept on every night.) The 2nd said it is your son’s bunk bed, but that he sleeps on the top portion. The 3rd then says the futon is for guests. The 4th says that it is for family. If you read back through your responses and look at it from our point-of-view, surely you can understand our bit of confusion. Granted, it doesn’t matter who is sleeping on the futon. Sometimes though, inconsistencies or a lack of information make the readers ask questions.

The people who have posted a response are just trying to help you solve the dilemma. The best of luck to you in making a comfortable sleeping arrangement for your family.

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@BoyWonder I have three guest rooms, one downstowns with a queen bed ad private bath for relatives who have a hard time getting upstairs and the two upstairs one has a queen bed, and the other has two singles in case a friend with children come to visit. There is a dresser and closet in each room for them to unpack their clothes. I have two bath robes for guests, and plenty of extra shampoos and soaps for them to choose from, oh and a hair dryer for guests as well. I leave them reading materials and tourist info about the area on their nightstands. However, if I lived in a smaller house or apartment, or had less money, and what I provided for them was futon, I am sure my friends and family would appreciate whatever effort I made to accomodate them. I was not implying that you shouldn’t care about their comfort. Since at first I assumed the futon was for you, I could see spending money on something nice for every day use. Not that it is all about the money, you could be in NYC where a two bedroom apartment is $1.4 million, I a not making any assumptions about your financial situation. Since it is for guests in your son’s room, I assume you have limited space, including storage space, and so I was only saying fold a comforter, because it is not unreasonably uncomfortable for a few days when visting, and you won’t have to have another bulky item in a closet.

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@PiedFeffer: I am so sorry I offended you o so personally. Hopefully you will accept this lovely olive branch as my peace offering.

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No offense was taken on my part. Your comments were not directed at me. My response was only in an attempt to help you see that your posts were feeding us bits of information at a time, and some of the so-called facts were changing along the way.

So, were you able to find a solution that satisfies your needs?

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