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What would happen if Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan collaborated on something?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) August 4th, 2010

Would it have been possible? Would it be just too much talent and ego?

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Awesomeness in every directions at the same time!!

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Sound would break.

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Cat fight! with Zappa coming out on top

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The styles are soooooo different, I can’t see what would develop.
When I read the question, I considered that Bowie and Dylan both changed their names (David Jones and Robert Zimmerman), but Zappa was Frank’s real name.

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can we throw Satriani in there?

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I think everyone would be surprised as hell. Considering Zappa has been dead for years. :)

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Have to go with @lucillelucillelucille here, Zappa would kill those guys.

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We would all collectively commit suicide, because there would never be anything great enough to live up to that….. ever.

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David Bowie does have a song called Song For Bob Dylan.
Doesn’t really count.

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Zappa satirizes Dylan in the song “Flakes.” He never mentioned Bowie specifically, but he didn’t care for glitter. In fact, a lot of Zappa’s satire is directed toward rock stardom, something I think he never wanted for himself. He was first and foremost a composer and musician.

All three have disparate styles. I can’t see them collaborating on anything.

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Hurricanes would cease, earthquakes would still, the lamb would lie down with the lion, life would be pleasant forever after…..

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@AstroChuck All three were close with John Lennon. Doesn’t really count either.

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@filmfann- Lennon co-wrote Fame with Bowie. As for the relationship of Zappa with Lennon, that didn’t end very well.

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I just won a little bet with myself that the first response would say “awesome.”

I couldn’t see any one of the three submerging his personality, his style, or his star status in a collaboration. But I think the battles would have been awesome to watch.

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I think Bowie and Dylan would be fine collaborating together on a project but teaming up with either let alone both would have bored Zappa to tears and never ever happen. As @IchtheosaurusRex so astutely points out Zappa satirized most of the cultural icons of his time including Dylan….

__“Wanna buy some mandies, bob?“_
”‘n’ they didn’t do nothin’”
“But they charged me double for sunday”

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