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What kind of things make you happy?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 4th, 2010

What kind of things put a skip in your step, smile on your face, a sparkle in your eye, or a gleam to your face?

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When people pay attention to me. That makes me kind of happy.
My car makes me happy, too, kind of.

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just spending times with friends. The world in general is enough to put a smile on my face (you know, when we’re not blowing it up and stuff).

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A nice steak, a Cuban cigar, a good hummer, catching a big fish in a pounding surf and coming. Not necessarily in that order.

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Lush does all of those things :D

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Spending time on boats.

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Sincere, hearfelt laughter, being with puppies for a while, music, giving and receiving support from friends, a healthy family with no tragically serious problems and having just enough money in my pocket to get by with dignity.

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Being out in the woods, listening to the squirrels run up a tree while the birds chirp. looking at the night sky, all the beautiful stars and the bright moon, howling my life story to the coyotes. Talking to my Dad and praying that i see him soon. Spending time with my one true friend, and making her smile. Walking my dog all around, hopping to not get caught to far away. Not having a care in the world. Laying silently with only my thoughts.

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Hearing someone say “I feel better” after talking out and addressing their emotional problems with them, knowing that someone’s injury healed quickly because of the first aid I applied, bringing home a new-to-me antique book to add to my collection, opening an envelope of pictures developed from one of my old cameras, feeling the kick and hearing the boom of a rifle as I put another hole in the center of a target, writing a great line in a poem or a story, driving alone on a winding country highway on a sunny, quiet day…

All of these things make me happy.

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When I’m with my girlfriend. When things go according to my plans. When the weather is nice. When I can sleep in. Chocolate. Whiskey.

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Lush will give me a hummer?

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Being with my boyfriend, being with my cats, listening to Owl City (as I’m doing now), traveling, mountain biking in the wilderness, writing a new chapter in a book I’m working on, etc.

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Walking into my house after work, my cat, old movies, autumn, rain, making a savings deposit, lurve, good enchiladas, any music by Ralph Vaughan Williams, opening a box with a new gadget inside, a good medical report, my friends, not being married, a freshly mowed lawn (preferably mine), a check in the mail, no bills in the mail, payday, writing a poem, knowing I helped somebody, one whole day not hearing a word about Sarah Palin or any member of her family,
a full moon (no, I’m not a werewolf), and so many other things I can’t begin to count.

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Finding my guitar effects set exactly the way I left them along with all the cords so all I have to do is flick on the power switch…bonus is when the boys run down the stairs and say “dad can we jam??”

Ripe tomatoes on the vine, and fresh flowers blooming in my garden.

Not seeing my neighbors car in their driveway.

Most of all, pm’s and notes of love and gratitude from my gal…

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@mowens Boats are guaranteed smile makers!!

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Boyfriend and cats? That’s like gay squared. Throw in a Liza album and you’d have a hat trick.

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Boyfriend, cats, flowers (gardening is extremely fun and makes me happy). Oh, and add to that list Prop 8 being determined unconstitutional as of a couple minutes ago.

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When I get to drive my car, when a movie I haven’t seen in a long time is on tv, finishing a craft project, playing casual games, looking at family photos.

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DominicX, Simone de beauvoir, Facade, Kevbo, Ragingloli, and one or two that don’t spring to mind, in a Flutheran context.

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Nice. A toast to freedom.

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My kids, let me see…. & my kids, oh & not forgetting my kids. Sex makes me happy too but that’s a gimme! In general lots of things make me happy, I guess life would be the ultimate answer.

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I’ll add some more.

A properly cooked steak (somewhere between medium and three quarters). Chatting with my friends. Practicing my German and Italian. PlayStation 3 (yay being a responsible adult!).

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Being healthy.

Finding stupid stuff like Jane Austen’s Fight Club online!

Cracking the living crap out of a golf ball with a driver (while playing my father.)

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@bob completely agree, a good piece of steak properly cooked just makes things better like ice cream does to a little kid.

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@daytonamisticrip True that.

Which reminds me of another thing: banana ice cream.

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I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, i mostly like meat and things that can be grown.

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my grandchildren, my son, and my s/o!

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Having a smart ass answer in the General section get missed by the moderators.

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Being with those I care about, or at least staying in touch with them.

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@BoBo1946 I think that goes for all of us haha

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There is nothing that “makes” me happy. Happiness itself is the way to happiness. If you are looking for things to “make” you happy, you have got it all wrong. I am equally happy in the dentist chair… paying my taxes… or at the ball game… watching my favorite ball club – the friggin’ worthless Detroit Tigers lose another “cliff hanger” that they should have friggin’ won.
I’m so goddam happy it hurts.

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@Brenna_o for sure…seeing mine next month. Cannot wait to see them. They live in Va. ! 700 miles from my house.

that might be for the other answer….i gave and changed..ssshhhhh!

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Anytime my mom tells me she’s making something I like for dinner, I get excited. Comfort food, junk food make me happy. Making people laugh, feeling appreciated, sleeping in late. Watching good TV shows on DVD. Getting good grades. Being complimented.

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Junk food, sex, being in shape, recognition from others, my SO, seeing a nice set of tih-tayz, smoking weed, new hair/skin products, my kitty, money, simple affectionate things from my SO…

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Reading a good book.
Hanging out with friends and family.
Acting out/writing a scene.
Seeing really good hoofers do their thing.

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sailboats, lime sherbet, blt’s, laughter from a 3 yr old, Spirit, wind in my curls, getting the silly giggles, payday friday

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Life makes me happy. Nature makes me come alive. Human connection. Music. Poetry. Dance. Very simple things make me feel joyful.

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I’m happy every single day of my life.

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@YARNLADY that is what i’m talking about!

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Spending time with my boyfriend and/or my cats, seeing my adorable little niece, playing an especially fun video game with friends, going to anime conventions and meeting awesome people, creating art that I am proud of, seeing cute Japanese things.

I just looked out my window and saw my cat Nacho sitting cutely on the porch, and that made my eyes light up on the spot. I’m pretty easy to please, it seems.

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Still having the chance to spend time with my mum, family, step-father, friends, the feeling of me killing myself to study hard, because I want to have a bright future when I grow up. Being a teenager and listening to all these gossips and drama going on while I am drama-free.
Being single-sometimes
Also recently I just became addicted to Youtube!

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Kittens, puppies, babies, good books, tasty junk food, fun music, etc…

don’t forget chocolate

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My children make me happy. Laughing and doing nice things for people. Knowing that my S/O thinks that I am the greatest thing since sliced bread. Being at peace with my life. Knowing that I have made a difference in others lives. Putting a smile on some ones elses face, and touching thier heart. I think that I am just Happy with most everything!

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Prop 8 being ruled unconstitutional.

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What kind of things make you happy?

A gentle rain shower.
Deer in the yard.
The purr of the cat in my lap.
A smile from my wife.
A bud or blossom in the flower bed.
Three fingers of my favorite single malt Scotch…

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the grin of my dog
a fire in the fireplace
feelin secure

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A thunderstorm or snowstorm. Even better, thunder snow.

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Seeing my children grow, laugh, figure things out makes me happy – they’re very joyful and I love them. The connection that I have with my love makes me happy, brings me strength – with him I can do anything. Genuine connections with others make me happy, finding other intelligent life forms out there – curiosity, the spirit of revolution in others…when justice is done…when Karma comes around…

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Good food, good music, good company, nature, adventure, my lady along side of me, laughing, loving, wonderful sex and feeling at peace.

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Visits from people I havn’t seen in a while and playing a good game of chess against them. Listening to good music as well.

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Waking up next to my smiling bf

Being clean (bathed & comfortable)

A cup of mom’s fresh ground espresso

Not being hungry

Entertaining or being with friends

Good sex


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Great movies (like Lost in Translation <3).
Red wine.
Being with people I love.
Reciting random lines from movies.
Good conversation.
Fresh food.
The London Underground.
Apple picking and hay rides.
That time in the evening when the sun is just starting to set.
Music (also blasting music and dancing around the house).
The smell of old books.
Being buzzed (you know that point where you feel reaaaally warm and are just really happy? Yeah that).
Greasy takeout after a long night of drinking.
Cooking homemade Italian food.
Hanging out with my little brother and sister.
Anything having to do with magic.
Being in love.

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@chels I love magic too!

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@Facade Ah!! Yay! :D

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Ahh so bittersweet….or is that a little puke in the back of my mouth
Just Kidding. :)

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I’m sorry, but Lost in translation sucks :P

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@bob_ would that be a new thing?

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@BoBo1946 What, you’re into classics? Go make me a sandwich!

Another thing that makes me happy: when those Arab dudes play music and dance at the end of Tetris.

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Loll…touche my friend!

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