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What outdoor activities are you into?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 5th, 2010

Stuff that you do to relax or have fun but outside. I been thinking I spend way to much time inside I think. I live in a warm climate and I am not even tan. I might go get some color today.

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I am addicted to kayaking . . . .

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Virtually nothing on sunny days except getting from point A to point B. Having survived years of living in the skin cancer capital of the world, Phoenix, I made up my mind not to tempt fate in Austin. (I hate wearing hats). Ah, but give me a good cloudy day and I’m out of the house like a shot.

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The outdoor horizontal naked grass mambo.

Hiking, cycling, running, and sailing.

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Nothing much i’m afraid….but i do love nature and love visiting the Kruger National Park here in South Africa. It’s so peaceful there (if you choose a quiet camp) and it’s lovely to drive around in the park, seeing the animals, and being in fresh air with no city sounds nearby.

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I love hiking, canoeing and sometimes just wandering wherever my feet take me and then figuring out how to get home again.

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@jjmah Wow! The OHNGM is a most awesome way to enjoy the great outdoors but I am more of a outdoor horizontal naked grass Samba kinda guy!

I also love boating and anything in on or under the water, hiking in the woods or anywhere for that matter, long breezy bike rides, gardening, climbing trees and swinging on vines. Campfires and star gazing are also my favorite night time outdoor activities aside.

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@Cruiser I like to change it up. :)

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@jjmah Change is good for keeping things spicy!

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Boating,canoeing,swimming,hiking,trap shooting,cross country-skiing,snowmobiling,sledding,bird watching,photographing wildlife,horsebackriding,golf,picnics,biking,art fairs,and soon to be running again..if I’m not too tired after doing all this stuff ;)

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Yay lucille! I completely agree!

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Walking to my car

I’d rather be inside. Scared of bugs.

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@Facade you know in your whole life you are never more than 12 feet away from a spider.

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hiking,fishing,hunting,riding my bike. anything new bring it on!

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@Adirondackwannabe -I forgot a bunch too! and some that can’t be mentioned in polite company ;)

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Walking/hiking, skating

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For me, international travel is the ultimate outdoor activity. I also enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, biking, kayaking, trap shooting.

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@daytonamisticrip Thanks now I creeped out spiders are my worst fear.

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spiders are good. they trap and devour annoying insects. If your plants or flowers have mites throw a few spiders on and they’ll fix the problem. i have a few pet spiders. one is outside my room window. i dont see why people get scared of spiders.

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Sports, primarily football golf & tennis. Running around playing daft with the kids. Beach frolics & occasionally riding my bike.

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Hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, snowshoing.

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So, so many things. Hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, scuba diving, outdoor photography, identifying plants, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, kayaking, biking, target shooting, outdoor sports, ice skating, etc.

Being indoors is overrated.

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@Cruiser you still climb trees?? really?
I like walking to my a/c’d car, cycling in 75 degrees and standing in a cool swimming pool when it’s under 90 degrees. I would like to sit by a mountain stream but small chance of That happening.

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I should have added cooking. I do most of my cooking outside, even when it is -30F. As long as it isn’t too windy, I think the food tastes better and is healthier.

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I enjoy walks, usually to the video rental store.
But nah really, I love walking, and I walk everywhere, I sometimes go for random walks with no destination in mind. That’s pretty much the limit to my outdoor activities though. That, and guy watching.

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Cooking outdoors when it’s -30F? I hope you’re kidding @WestRiverrat. I am quite familiar with 30 below, having lived in Syracuse. When it’s that cold, your BBQ sauce would freeze. In fact if you were BBQing chicken, I wouldn’t be surprised if one side was freezing up while the other side is cooking. When I was young I spit on a window at that temperature and it didn’t even drip. It froze in place instantly. Brr.

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@GeorgeGee Grow a pair, upstate NY is funky in the winter. You want really cold, Whiteface Mountian’s weather station recorded a -185 degrees F windchill.

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Horse riding, dog walking and frolicking in the sea (weather permitting!)

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@GeorgeGee I am serious. If you have a good grill/smoker, it will be insulated enough that it won’t lose enough temp to not cook whatever I have on the grill. Actually, when I smoke meat or cheese, I like it cold because the food takes on the flavor of the smoke more easily.

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Running. I wish I knew how to play lacrosse. I could easily obsess over lacrosse.

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This week, snowshoeing across icy bogs.

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