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Which would you prefer a new 911 turbo Porsche or a new corvette ?

Asked by nicoleanna69 (72points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Corvette – American, cheaper to maintain, and better vehicle.

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911 Turbo.
German engineering, can’t beat it, fast, looks good and being German it’ll be solidly built.

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Right now American cars and companies are garbage, and the resale value for American cars is very low, so I’d have to go with the Porsche. Did you know that most American car companies use less American parts than many foreign companies?

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I’d rather have the Vette!

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A new vette. But not a normal vette. It must be a z06. If I had to chose from base vette and 911, I’d pick 911.

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911 Turbo is way better than a Corvette.

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911 all the way

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911 turbo. The only corvette I’ve seen had rather dubious build quality (not as bad as Ferrari though)

Given free choice I’d have an Aston DB9

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porshe 911 are fast,hot,stylish and girls would be all over you! :) :) :D

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@Lightlyseared – DB9 in free choice yeah, the single hottest car ever made.

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link to a good db9 pic?

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Ooo brunty, I see why you and lightly like it.

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thank you everyone !! :-)

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Porsche hands down. The Corvette probably has the Porsche beat in terms of horsepower, but the Porsche is incredibly agile and responsive, and probably more fun to drive. Plus, a Vette just isn’t my style since I generally dislike American cars and seeing as I’m not having a mid-life crisis.

Consumer Reports loved on the Porsche and gave it a 96 out of 100. The Vette got a 81.

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911 all the way, but would go with the Aston Martin before either,

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Forgot to mention. A guy I know where I keep my Cardinal (Cessna) has his hanger on the other side of the complex. Few days ago I was taxiing by and somemone was doing a photo shot of both of his DB9’s (one auto, one stick) parked under the wings on either side on his G550. His Bell Jet Ranger was in front of the Gulfstream!!! BTW dude is in his late 40’s, retired comuter guy with jaw droping wife and a couple of really cute young kids.

Does he have it all? Yeah, pretty much.

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See guys, Bush is right, there is no recession.

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I’ll take a gt3 rs PLs.

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not a DB9 a DBS like bond in casino royal :)

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The DBS is the same car as the DB9 just slightly tuned up for an extra $100,000. Now personally I can think of plenty of better of things to do with all that money.

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Can I just have the money instead? I don’t really want either.

DinoMite7's avatar just search porsche911 or corvettes are nice 2

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new corvette zr1. saw them at the auto show and it is so tight. cant touch the dodge viper though

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